Maid Central Cleaning Business Software

Our Mission

Our Mission at Maid Central is to build cleaning business software that enables companies to scale for the benefit of all stakeholders – owners, employees, clients, and community. Scale allows each critical process to be managed through one integrated platform – giving owners a real-time picture of their cleaning business. Through scale, we can create better jobs, happier clients, and more profitable house cleaning businesses.

Getting Better Together

“What gets measured gets improved.”Peter Drucker 
Maid Central is cleaning business software designed for the industry’s leaders. It shares the progressive ideas and proven, measured results of the industry’s top performers. Maid Central values the suggestions of all users, making the software unique in its functionality and powerful in its contribution to growth. Come join our dynamic and forward-thinking community of users.


About Our Founder

Tom Stewart, founder of Maid Central Software, is recognized nationally as an innovative leader in the residential cleaning industry. As CEO and owner of Castle Keepers House Cleaning, Tom has been a pioneer in bringing science-based methods to the residential cleaning industry. His passion for professionalizing the residential cleaning industry lead him on a progressive voyage to conceptualize and invent an operating software that would apply his 20 plus years experience in the industry, incorporate various published principles and revolve around leveraging economies of scale

Tom firmly believes – the better the owners of house cleaning businesses can manage their businesses, the better employers they can be, the better they can serve their clients.  Everything he has accomplished in his career stems from his quest to professionalize the residential cleaning industry.

"There is a huge gap between where we are as an industry and where we could be, where we eventually will be." -Tom Stewart

Are you ready to take your cleaning business to the next level?

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