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October 11th-13th
Charleston, South Carolina


This is an immersive experience. You will receive a comprehensive evaluation of how you currently use Maid Central and how you can improve the ROI of your investment. It is the event where you get to share ideas with some of the smartest and most successful people in the home cleaning industry and harness the full power of Maid Central!

Join us October 11th - 13th

My Company Grew From Half a Million To $2.5 Million in Sales!

Foundations was a life changing experience for me. By the time I had learned about Foundations I had already hit the big Million Dollar mark - which you’d think I would have been so excited for! But truth be told, I was not. I was depressed. I had worked so hard to get to that destination mark; that so many maid services talk about, and once I finally crossed that line, there was nothing left for me to push for. I fell into a deep depression. Attempting to get myself out of this I searched for education classes or something that could help me find what my next step would be. I had heard about Foundations and knew I needed to go. On one of the first days, I had a heart to heart with Liz and tears poured out as I began to tell her I felt like I had nowhere to go from here. I had gotten to the finish line. She looked me in the eyes and said “why do you feel you have to stop at the million-dollar mark? Push for a new goal. From this day on your goal is to hit the 5-million-dollar mark. And once you hit that you are going to hit the 10 million!” Now I went into Foundations thinking I knew so much. It turned out I was so wrong. Over the next 7 days I learned more about my business than I ever had before. I realized my finish line was nowhere near the million-dollar mark. I created systems I had only dreamed of having. I created some of the best friendships with people who have the same drive and work ethics as myself. After touring Tom’s location and seeing how his operation was set up, it inspired me to continue building my company. I did not even know it was possible to have multiple locations all be run from one primary location! Today I have 3 locations in different cities, and they are all run out of 1 office. We are on point to close 2021 at 2.5 million and I don’t plan on stopping. Foundations11 will be my 3rd time going and I guarantee I will learn even more this time. There is so much information to learn and with hard work and dedication you too can level up your company for success. I can’t wait to be inspired again this year at Foundations. Thank you, Tom, Derek, and Liz, for truly giving me back my motivation for my business.
Trisha Lake
- Laura Smith
Maid Central is my super power to run my cleaning business Better Life Maids. I am able to focus on metrics that matter, and use that data to take actions that drive growth and profitability. No other software is custom tailored to the home cleaning industry the way Maid Central is. I hope you will join us at MC UX1. We will take a deep dive into how you are using Maid Central now, and identify ways that you can get more out of your investment in Maid Central. This is the event you need to be at if you are focussed on creating more profits in your business, improving your return on human capital, increasing efficiency and productivity, and making your business fun and rewarding. 

Matt Ricketts

Just a few of the things you'll gain

Get a Tailored Analysis of Your MC Strengths & Opportunities

Network with Top Industry Peers

Leverage the secrets only “BIG COMPANIES” know

Use MC to Build Your All Star Team

Forecasting and Modeling Tools

Find ways to increase profits through deep insights

Tom Stewart

  • Founder and CEO of Maid Central Software
  • ​CEO of Castle Keepers of Charleston
  • ​CEO of Modern Cleaning
  • Founder and Managing Partner of Cleaning Business Today
  • Partner with Cleaning Profit Builders – Profit Coach
  • ​​ARCSI Seal of Excellence, IICRC Certified Firm, & CIMS Certified Firm
  • ​IICRC HCT Certification co-author
  • ARCSI Past President and Board member
  • ​ARCSI Convention Technology Summit Task Force