Plans For Every Stage Of Growth


Plans For Every Stage Of Growth

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Some Of Our Features

All Of Our Plans Include

CRM & Sales

Simplified or advanced strategies available for marketing and sales follow-up, all built into one platform. A complete lifecycle CRM for the house cleaning industry

Advanced Online Booking

Make sales 24/7 with advanced booking features that are directly tied to your availability. No more separate systems. 

Advanced Reporting & KPIs

All the data you need at your fingertips to run a profitable and successful business. 

Advanced Scheduling Tools

Create schedules that are efficient. Meet clients’ requests. Easy scheduling and rescheduling.

Mobile Technician Access

Your techs will have all the data they need to provide excellent service, and have their schedule and key employment information all in one unified place.

Customer Portal

Customers can manage their account, saving back-office support time, and improving customer engagement.

Advanced Payroll Reporting

Pay commission, job ticket hour, hourly, and more. Plus increase employee pay with tips captured from happy customers on their scorecards. 

Quality Measurement & Management

Measure satisfaction and improve service. Increase profits by keeping customers happy. Increase employee pay with tips from customers. 

Batch Billing & Invoicing

Save back office time by one click billing all of your customers for the day. Creates perfect accounting records with a seamless QBO integrations.

Ready To Move From Stress To Success? Getting Started is Simple

Here at MaidCentral, we understand that making significant changes to the way your business operates can be difficult. That's why we have created a multi-step system that greatly simplifies the adjustment period and makes incorporating our housekeeping business software into your workflowas easy as 1-2-3.

1. Schedule a demo

We'll give you a tour of the software's features and reporting tools.

2. Set up and customize your software

Our customer success team helps you set up the system and trains your team on how to maximize the software for your business.

3. Build a successful home cleaning business

With access to the right data, you can streamline services and adjust pricing so your cleaning company is making money.

Why spend one more day stuck in the whirlwind of too much to do and not enough time?

The MaidCentral Guarantee

MaidCentral is built on core values of integrity, transparency, and respect toward our clients. With our house cleaning business software, you will never have to worry about hidden fees, vague agreements, and other underhanded business tactics. We guarantee that:

  • We'll keep your sensitive data secure.
  • You'll keep all rights to your own data and financial info.
  • We'll provide you with access to weekly training, customer support, and a private Facebook Group for our clients. We succeed when you succeed.
  • You won't have to sign any long-term contracts. Pay on a monthly basis and cancel with a 30 days notice.
  • Our software will help you automate back office work, which will save you a lot of time and money.
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Why Choose MaidCentral



Powerful Cloud Based Software

Reduces the chaos of running multiple systems, or worse, relying on spreadsheets to give you the data you need to run your business. All the tools and data at your fingertips to scale your house cleaning business. 

Stable & Secure

Your data is secure with MaidCentral. Multiple servers in multiple regions run simultaneously to keep things running even when there are regional outages. You can all 2FA and other security measures to all users to ensure data security and compliance on your end as well. 

Conquer The Chasos

Better Data. More Control

What gets measured, gets managed. Have all of the key data you need to manage and create accurate forecasts. Reporting in MaidCentral is more than data. It is actionable data designed for the house cleaning industry. It is the data you are missing and need to be successful. 

Advanced KPI Data

Productivity, Efficiency, & Profitability

Marketing & Sales Results

Easy Payroll Reporting & Exports