Enterprise Level Software

Priced to give you an immediate ROI on your investment.


$450 per month

 Includes your first 100 completed jobs

Plus $1.25 per completed job 101-500

Plus $1.00 per completed job 501 and up

Additional branches $250 per branch

An all in one solution that brings all of your business data into one location.

Enterprise level data, analytics, and forecasting to increase profits and success.

Increased productivity, efficiency, and and improved return on labor yields an immediate ROI.

Automations and improved workflows yield hundreds of hours of admin savings.

Ready To Move From Stress To Success? Getting Started is Simple

Here at MaidCentral, we understand that making significant changes to the way your business operates can be difficult. That's why we have created a multi-step system that greatly simplifies the adjustment period and makes incorporating our housekeeping business software into your workflowas easy as 1-2-3.

1. Schedule a demo

We'll give you a tour of the software's features and reporting tools.

2. Set up and customize your software

Our customer success team helps you set up the system and trains your team on how to maximize the software for your business.

3. Build a successful home cleaning business

With access to the right data, you can streamline services and adjust pricing so your cleaning company is making money.

Why spend one more day stuck in the whirlwind of too much to do and not enough time?