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Maid Central is designed to support the vital functions of a home cleaning business and so much more

Job Scheduler

Day View

An at-a-glance look at the day broken down by teams, team member, job time, and customer information.

Job Flags and Custom Tags

Employee Preference Flags indicate of any customer requests for a particular Team or Technician that are not fulfilled.

Job Preference Flags indicate that there are customer time requests that are not fulfilled.

Custom Tags can be added to jobs to quickly indicate with colors and icons.

Simple Manipulation

The schedule can be easily update to accommodate for call offs, cancellations and other changes that often occur.

Drag and Drop jobs to reassign teams or different times.

Hover over jobs to view full customer details and notes. Also get one click access to edit that job.

Marketing and Sales

Online Booking Tool

Online quotes and booking are based off of your customized company availability settings and are instantly added to your Schedule and Invoice Records. Online leads are sent directly to your Sales Dashboard as tickets to your sales team to view and follow up.

The online booking tool can be embedded within your website effortlessly without any programming. Provide potential clients an easy to use tool to book service!

The internal quoting tool allows quotes to be sent, jobs to be scheduled intelligently based on frequency and location for improved efficiency.

Email Campaigns

Directly within Maid Central, you can create drip campaigns with the easy-to-use Email Campaign Tool. Quickly run a report to start a new drip campaign to inactive clients.

Have an opening in a particular zip code? Send them a single email offering discounted service.

Customer Engagement

Keep customers in the know with Job Notifications via Texts and Emails.

Always having to get in touch with your customers manually? Maid Central automatically sends alerts days in advance and when employees start and complete jobs.

Customer Portal

Customer Self-Service

Within the customer portal, customers can

Payments and Invoices​

Pricing and invoices are accessible on the customer portal. Customers can easily add credit card info and see history of invoices from their portal.​

Scorecard Feedback

After jobs are complete, customers automatically receive scorecard requests. Scores are tracked and averages are computed to track trends and customer satisfaction around each job and each employee. Employees also have a scorecard average to quickly determine the best employees.​

Employee Engagement

Daily Time Clocks

Employees can use a centralized kiosk or the employee dashboard to clock in and out for the day. 

Using the employee portal, employees can view their jobs as well as clock in and out of jobs, geotagging their location for improved accuracy and auditing.

Work Measurement

At quick glance, the Employee Monitor displays each employees activity for the day, such as job clocking and how much time is being spent in each job, travel time and lunch breaks.

Work Instructions

The Job Worksheet allows Employees to clock in and out of jobs, view home photos, and add customer notes.

Employee Schedule Requests

Employee can login and request time off from anywhere. Status of request is displayed and they can upload written excuses/Dr. notes

Schedule Availability

Office managers can rest easy knowing they can view employee schedule requests, blackout days employees cannot request off and much more. 

Employees and managers are always on the same page.

Employee Logging

On the Employee Details page, office staff can view Job History, Scorecard Results, Team Scheduling, Pay History, Reliability and more.

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Dashboard and Reports

Customer Reports

From daily operations to efficiency reports to follow up inspections and customer satisfaction. Maid Central’s most important feature is it’s robust reporting.

  • Customer Stats
  • Routing Report
  • Hot Sheet
  • Job Tag Report
  • Scorecard Results
  • Schedule Efficiency
  • Schedule Efficiency Map
  • Customer Efficiency Map
  • Daily Notifications

Employee Reports

Maid Central can quickly point out your top employees from a customer satisfaction point of view as well as a reliability standpoint. Have multiple branches with higher turnover? The Employee Turnover report can provide the information you need to pinpoint problems across all branches.

  • Employee Stats
  • Employee Turnover

Revenue & Costing

Manage Job Invoicing and auditing Employee Wages all from one report. If you have a customer that has many jobs, Maid Central provides Batch Invoicing. Our integration with QuickBooks and credit card processors like Stripe and Authorize.NET, provide an effortless way to collect payment. 

  • Invoicing & Job Records
  • Closed Jobs
  • Batch Invoicing
  • Payroll Summary
  • Payroll History


At a 30,000 foot view, Maid Central’s Dashboards give office personnel key metrics on how their branches are performing against each other. Set goals for each branch to achieve to provide a win-win situation for all.  

  • Home Dashboard
  • Sales Dashboard
  • Technician Dashboard
  • Kiosk Dashboard

Sales Dashboard

The Sales Dashboard displays to do buckets for acquiring new customers. It also provides insight to your most active sales team members. The Sales Team can view stats to encourage increased performance.

  • New Leads
  • Needs Contacted
  • Needs Followed Up
  • Open Tickets

Kiosk Dashboard

Intended to be displayed on a large monitor for the office to see, the Kiosk Dashboard is used for displaying:

  • Revenue Past and Future
  • Sales and Activity Pipeline
  • Sales Stats by Employee

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