When you’ve got a customer who has more than one home for you to clean, this video will show you how to create a new home for an existing customer. The steps after creating the new home also include creating the service set and scheduling out the jobs for the new home. Follow along as we complete all of these steps.

This feature in MaidCentral comes in handy in a few instances, when a customer moves to a new home for instance. It is also useful if one family member is paying for and managing the cleaning services of multiple family members. MaidCentral is really good at dividing up accounts in cases like this, and even allows each home to have it’s own contacts. A customer may also own rental properties or manage short term rentals like Airbnb’s and need Airbnb cleaning and management services for each individual property. If a customer has a lot of properties to manage, MaidCentral’s property management features may better address these use cases. No other home cleaning software has as many tools to manage complex client relationships.

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