Real Time Availability

MaidCentral has powerful revenue production planning reports that allow you to know exactly how much cleaning you can schedule based on the allowed cleaning hours you have booked, and any cleaning hours you have left available. This availability is based on your employees schedules and takes into account all employees who have requested off, and if an employee calls in sick it even lowers the available hours in real time.

You can use the advanced planning tools to create Real Time Availability (RTA) that feeds your online booking engine and next available spots that your internal sales team members can use to quickly help customers book next available cleaning dates.

MaidCentral allows your customers to book online without the need for a separate system. Your clients data goes right into MaidCentral’s CRM and they are placed on your calendar based on their preferences and the Real Time Availability you applied to your schedule. Most other online booking systems are not tied to your production software so you have to double enter the data, and you risk overbooking if your online booking tool is not tied to your actual schedule.

MaidCentral is powerful software that will allow you company to scale and grow, and by letting your customers book online on your website 24/7 you are giving them tools they want. Tools that allow them to book in a matter of minutes without picking up a phone, or waiting for you to get back with them. Your customers will love how easy it is to schedule cleanings. You’ll love how much time it saves your back office and increases your daily sales. And of course you will love not having to do double data entry, or risk having double bookings, or having credit cards in various systems that don’t talk to one another.