Core  KPIs

Core Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) provide a wealth of knowledge on how your business is doing currently and enables you to forecast future results.

With this knowledge, you have the power to create the future you deserve!

MaidCentral simplifies the tracking and monitoring of essential KPIs – as well as the tools to improve them. We firmly believe in the importance of these Core KPIs and their value in predicting future outcomes. That’s why we have made our FREE Growth Forecasting Tool available for everyone in order to deliver tailored insights and a way to simulate predictable outcomes. 

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January Core KPI - Bill Per Cleaning

Bill Per Cleaning is your average bill rate for each individual job. Higher priced jobs will increase your Bill Rate Per Cleaning and lower priced jobs will decrease this.

Drive This Number UP ↑

EQUATION:  Revenue ÷ Job Count

MaidCentral Activities That Drive Bill Per Cleaning

  • Rate increases/adjustments
  • Increase quoting hourly rate
  • Add skip/lockout fees
  • Use the dispatch board for daily tracking of under/over time houses
  • Add-ons available in customer portal
  • Bulk rate modifications for admin fees/cc fees/etc.

Bill per Cleaning is a good representation of your overall revenue. It has a direct relationship to your payroll percent to revenue. Regular rate increases and rate adjustments, when appropriate, can raise this average and increase profits.

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