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Software designed for home cleaning companies

How will this software help your cleaning business?

Maid Central is a cloud-based software platform that is designed specifically for residential cleaning businesses. It’s powerful features pull together the many working parts of your cleaning business to give you a comprehensive look at all your daily activity leaving you with peace of mind and increased productivity. 

How many different service partners and systems are you currently using to run your cleaning business?                 Maid Central is an all inclusive integrated solution.


Do you know where your business is leaking? Our real time reports are designed to pull data around employees, customers and the company to provide stats that will quickly identify areas of improvement and where goals are being met.


Nothing happens in a silo. It’s important to know what is happening, but to grow your business you must know WHY it is happening. Job times, bill rates, quality scores, attrition rates, …. are all important numbers to track when managing a house cleaning service. Individually each give some insight about what is going on in your business. Our comprehensive software reports provide a deeper level of understanding that can only be reached when this relative data is logically combined.


Reduce your operating costs by downsizing your external software subscriptions. Streamline your business functions by having it all on one cloud based portal for your company. Payroll, scheduling, GPS routing, time tracking, online booking, customer scorecards, and invoicing are all built in features to manage your business workflow.

50 %
More Efficient

With its mapping capabilities, Maid Central can determine team efficiency and provide ways to become more efficient.

1 %
Increased Sales

With the online booking tool and the integrated CRM, leads become customers faster.

0 %
Customer Attrition

Reduce customer attrition by using the integrated feedback and ticketing system


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