We’re excited to launch a new initiative today that aims to gather valuable insights directly from the source—You! Dedicated business owners and operators.

Under this new initiative, we’ll release a new survey each month that will accept submissions for 180 days. These surveys aim to provide you with actionable insights from real data on meaningful topics in our industry.

Anonymous Insights

Results from all surveys in this series will remain anonymous, but the results will be public. Check back for updated results as we receive new submissions.

First Survey: Best and Worst Months

Understanding the seasonal dynamics and trends within our industry is crucial for planning, growth, and maximizing opportunities.

Which month is your BEST month for Revenue?
6 answers
Which month is your WORST month for Revenue?
7 answers


Your participation is invaluable. By sharing your experiences, we can collectively identify patterns, anticipate challenges, and harness the best times to boost our services. The results will be shared with all participants, providing a comprehensive view of industry trends and helping each of us make informed decisions. Check back often for updated results as more surveys are submitted.

Thank you for your time and insights. Together, let’s continue to clean up the competition and shine brighter than ever.

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