Accurate Quoting

If you are a residential cleaning company, then there is no doubt that quoting jobs for customers can be difficult. Not only do you need to spend time researching the exact scope of work and allowed hours, but you also have to estimate an accurate price for the customer so they will hire your company. And if you get it wrong you might not know right away if your company is making money on that job, or going over on the estimate. This might seem like a daunting task at first, but MaidCentral has taken all the guesswork out of this process by creating an easy-to-use platform that helps generate accurate quotes in just minutes! And gives you the tools to measure the production rates right away creating a feedback loop to improve and refine the process.

You can create accurate and detailed pricing for your customers whether you are quoting them online or over the phone. MaidCentral takes the guess work out of it. And because you are measuring against the allowed hours you create during the quoting process during every job, you will know right away whether your quote was on the money or needs a slight adjustment. You can run reports every day to look for variance from your quoted times. You can look for patterns like teams that go over time regularly, or identify if it is an isolated issue like a home that is underbid due to not having gathered enough details on the scope cleaning the home.

With MaidCentral you can create and measure all the factors and scopes you need to create incredibly detailed quotes. You can use dirt codes, pets, occupants, flooring type, square footage, and more to help fine tune your quotes. All of this can be customized to exactly the way you sell. And the best thing is that it walks you through a simple and repeatable process to create accurate quote on every sales call.

Accurate quoting and work-loading is at the heart of what it takes to run and grow a successful home cleaning business, and powerful maid service software makes it easy to create quotes and measure results.