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Pay your cleaning technicians with confidences using pay for performance. Maid Service Software, MaidCentral makes tracking and paying job ticket or commission simple

Pay For Performance and Inspire Your Staff to Boost Their Productivity

Find new and prospective talent for your cleaning business and drive cleaner productivity up with exceptional pay incentives. MaidCentral automates complex pay for performance including percentage pay, fee split, job ticket, allowed hours, split hourly, and more.

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Unlock the true potential of your business with our tailor-made solutions

Why take our word for it when you can explore what some of the most successful business owners in the cleaning industry have to say:

“MaidCentral has saved us so much time and money in administrative cost. It has taken combined multiple software platforms; increasing efficiency, simplifying operations, and providing financial reports that are unlike any other software out there. It tracks GPS-marked time clocks and attendance, hosts client notes, provides automatic appointment reminders and survey responses, schedules customization, completes payroll reporting, and SO much more”

Nina Buescher – Owner of Raleigh Cleaning

“Since we started using MaidCentral, we have seen a 10x increase in the amount of client feedback we are getting, and have been able to use that data to create new rewards for our staff, and quickly see who needs extra support in the field. The automated visit reminders have been a huge time saver and our payroll processing time has been cut in half. The interface is clean and highly intuitive. Our staff took to it immediately, which made conversion relatively easy. Our clients love the Client Portal, and our support staff loves the scheduling tools. Thank you for creating such an amazing platform!”

Joe Walsch – Owner of Green Clean Maine

“Before MaidCentral, we were using three different software programs to help us manage our business. This back and forth robbed us of time and prevented us from focusing on growing the business. MaidCentral was created for the Residential cleaning Industry. This software addresses your core business needs: customers, employees, marketing, and finances. Hands down, MaidCentral pays for itself by giving us key information and reports to help us effectively execute daily.”

Alonzo Adams – Owner of Busy Bee Cleaning

MaidCentral saves us over 50 hours of admin time per week. We have reduced frustrating manual processes and now use that time for employee engagement and customer support. We have the data we need to increase our revenue and profits on every job so that we can reinvest in our team members. MaidCentral is our competitive advantage.

Matt Ricketts – President of Better Life Maids

Essential Tools within your reach

We’ve got everything you need to truly succeeds

Job Scheduler

View all the jobs within a single day broken down into customer information, job time, team members, and entire teams of cleaners.

Sales + Marketing

Make your sales process more intuitive with fast online estimates, easy invoicing and scheduling, and text and email client alerts.

Customer Portal

Our app allows your clients to seamlessly change their payment options and contact information, as well as send automatic scorecards.

Employee Engagement

All the members of your team can easily clock in and clock out using an intuitive dashboard and finalize their job worksheet with reminders, photos, and notes.

Reports + Dashboard

Our dashboards and reporting functionalities allow you to swiftly generate the vital metrics you need. From there, you can go a step further and use it to increase your profit.

It’s time to take the growth of your company into your own hands

There’s plenty to deal with as an owner of a cleaning business, and it can be difficult to juggle all of the responsibilities on your own. It can quickly become too complicated to:  

  • Deal with various staffing issues
  • Respond to potential customer complaints
  • Take care of all the scheduling and rescheduling
  • Simultaneously use multiple software tools and apps

If this is you, you’re probably spending far too much time on figuring out all the little details of your business. That’s what MaidCentral is here to help you with. Our app helps introduce your company into a new era of organization and success by unifying all the tools you need and streamlining your entire operation.

Eliminate the stress of running a business and drive profits with performance

Take back the reins and steer your business in the right direction

If you’re among the overwhelmed owners of a house cleaning company, struggling to successfully manage all the details of your company, it’s time to find a permanent solution. MaidCentral is your one-stop-app for taking care of every little detail of your day-to-day responsibilities. It will automate repetitive tasks, enhance your company workflow and greatly boost the productivity of your employees. Both your cleaning techs, and your back office staff.

Speaking of productivity, we’ve incorporated pay for performance capabilities into MaidCentral. You can easily track the performance of all your cleaners and reward them according to the stellar work they’re doing. This way, you’ll motivate your staff to keep growing as professionals and continue honing their skills day in, day out. What’s more, you’ll attract new talent by creating a company culture that recognizes and rewards professional excellence.

Get ready to move on from stress and to success

At MaidCentral, we know that it’s difficult to introduce significant changes into your business. However, our platform is well worth the initial effort and investment.

1. Try out a demo

Reach out to us today and we’ll give you a comprehensive tour of our software and all of its exceptional reporting tools and other cutting-edge capabilities.

2. Set everything up

Our customer support team will help you set our software for your company and train your employees on how to use it to its fullest potential.

3. Get ready for success

Our application grants you access to all the necessary data, allowing you to streamline all your services and adjust your pricing to enhance your profitability.

Don’t spend another day in the chaos of business when you can experience the serenity of proper coordination and administration today!

This is what we guarantee

Our pay by performance system capability is only a fraction of what our application is capable of. However, all the functionality in the world would mean little without the necessary transparency and professional integrity we show to our clients. Our software suite has no vague agreements or hidden fees. We’re honest and clear about what you’re paying for. What’s more, we incorporate strong security measures and guarantee that:

  • Your information is completely protected and secure.
  • You always retain your rights to all financial information and other vital business data.
  • You’ll receive the necessary weekly trainings and customer support.
  • You won’t be required to sign long-term contracts.
  • You’re able to pay month-by-month and cancel service within 30 days.
  • You’ll make good use of back-office automation and save many hours of work.
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Stop surviving and start thriving today!

We take great pride in developing a software suite specialized for cleaning companies that facilitates daily operations and enhances overall productivity and profitability. Pay by performance is an essential part of what makes our app stand out from the competition. However, rewarding your employees is only the tip of the iceberg. Our app also offers:

  • Complete automation for repetitive daily tasks.
  • Real-time job pricing adjustment for enhanced profitability.
  • Quick and easy follow-ups through improved sales leads.
  • Enhanced employee efficiency and productivity.
  • Increased satisfaction of your customers.

Key Performance Indicators are your key to success

Get the numbers you require to keep improving and growing your business