MaidService residential cleaning business software has two-way text message communications and SMS. Text message communications allow you to communicate seamlessly with your existing customers to reduce skips and lockouts with service reminders and on the way notifications, and allow your customers to reply quickly to your messages.

MaidCentral has communication dashboards where you can read and reply to all of your customer texts, and every message is added as a note to your customers account.

MaidCentral also allows you to automate your outbound marketing with SMS. After a customer receives an online estimate you can automate the follow up process with timely text messages that are engaging and increase your chances of closing the sale. Marketing industry research show that 98% of text messages are read, versus 6% of emails.

You can also use MaidCentral for all of your employee communication and engagement. You can send out broadcast messages to all of your team members. And they can reply in one centralized communication channel. In addition, all of your texts and their replies are recorded on their employee account. So you will always have a record of important communications.