Case Studies

Natural Care Increased Net Profits $100K in 4 Months

Chad Henley of Natural Care Cleaning describes the impact that MaidCentral has had on his business. They have increased their net profit by over $100K utilizing MaidCentrals tools.

  • Total revenue is up 37%
  • Their bill rate has increased by 25%.
  • Direct labor costs have been decreased from 50% to 40%.
  • Average employee wages from $15 per hour to nearly $20 per hour, even while decreasing his direct labor as a percentage of revenue.

Chad was initially hesitant to join MaidCentral. He was concerned about switching software again, and he was concerned that it was more than his current software. But the software has created an ROI of 10X its cost and helped him professionalize his business, and remain competitive in a tight labor market.

If you are looking to scale your cleaning company and increase your success and profits then MaidCentral is the Maid Service Software solution you need to implement in your business

All Star Cleaning Leveraged MaidCentral to reduce back office expenses by $60K

Ajia from All Star Cleaning Services has used MaidCentral to get the business out of her brain, into a system that her whole team can use to deliver more consistent results and improve the customer experience.

No other Maid Service Software can deliver the same impact. Everyone on the All Star Team from Ajia to the techs in the field love MaidCentral. Everyone is on the same page.

MaidCentral is designed to help you automate nearly every repetitive task in your business. Scheduling, dispatch, customer communications, invoicing, employee management, and more have built-in automation that will save your company time and money.

All Star Cleaning eliminated $60K in office salaries, but in addition, those employees would have had taxes and benefits associated with those jobs. They would have needed to be managed, and all of that would have taken away from All Stars time and resources.

3 Little Birds Cleaning automated $42K in Rate Increases with MaidCentral

Everything feels easy and logical and the staff adapted easily. “You could tell it was software made for a maid service company, by a maid service company.”

“Our staff adapted to the software so much quicker than any other software system we have ever used.” And a big win for 3 Little Birds was the employee engagement tools, including the ability to make scheduling requests, and see their quality scores, their efficiency, and productivity. They also love seeing their payroll data including tips.

And MaidCentral had an immediate impact on the bottom line for 3 Little Birds House Cleaning. They were able to automate $42K in price increases the first year on MaidCentral. Price increases are often painfully time-consuming, with MaidCentral they are automatic and create increased profits in minutes.

3 Little Birds is also leveraging MaidCentral’s suite of tools to increase profits in other ways, especially driving up employee efficiency. They are able to clean just as many homes, even in a constrained labor market.

Alpine Maids Integrated All of Their Systems Using MaidCentral

In order to scale, Alpine Maids used MaidCentral to combine all of their disparate systems into one unified software. All of their systems now are integrated and all the data works together to create a business that is able to scale at a rapid pace.

In addition, Alpine Maids have created increased operational gains, including increasing scheduling efficiency by 22%, a gain of $75 per day in billable time per technician.

They are also more efficient in the office and have automated back-office processes like sales, marketing, price increases, and more allowing them to run a leaner, and more profitable cleaning company.

MaidCentral is software designed for the residential cleaning industry and designed for profits and success.

Green Clean Maine Uses MaidCentral to Improve Customer and Employee Retention

Joe Walsh is the Founder and CEO of Green Clean Maine.

Joe is obsessed with creating consistent schedules for his customers and his cleaning techs. Consistency of service is how Joe and Green Clean Maine maintain one of the lowest customer attrition rates in the home cleaning industry. Keeping customers for the long term means his marketing dollars go much farther, and back-office management activities per customer go way down. It is just much more profitable to maintain consistent schedules for customers for a wide variety of factors.

In addition, Joe believes that scheduling consistency is critical to technician job satisfaction and retention. Green Clean Maine leverages many of MaidCentral advanced scheduling tools to accomplish its scheduling consistency goals. The Master Schedule allows them to create a Consistent Calendar with permanent slots for clients optimized for efficient drive time, and employee start location. In addition, the job schedule warns Green Clean Maine when they are violating a customer’s preferences for employees, times, and more. And their techs have all the notes and details they need to deliver a site-specific scope of work that captures all of the customer’s preferences and displays that information to the techs in a logical and organized way.

Paul Auguste of Home Plus Shares How He is Leveraging MaidCentral’s Data to Scale

There is a difference between growing a business and scaling a business. Scaling a business requires repeatable processes and the right information at the right time.

Before MaidCentral Paul had spreadsheets for everything. The software before MaidCentral didn’t have the data, so they had to manually pull reports and keep spreadsheets for everything. This was time-consuming, and it led to missed opportunities.

” With MaidCentral everything is just there in front of you.” Payroll, employee performance, KPIs, sales, and marketing, everything lives in MaidCentral. “I love systems. If it can’t be measured it can’t be managed.”

Paul is using MaidCentral to drive results and has all the tools he needs are laid out in a logical way that makes all critical business data easy to find.

“Before MaidCentral we never had an objective way to measure employee performance. We can see who our top employees are in terms of a wide variety of metrics, we can see which employees generated the most revenue.” Paul and his team are using this data to recognize and reward top talent and reduce employee churn. “Think about what an employee is worth to your business. Knowing how much revenue they produce, you can create rewards and incentives that match that value.”