Optimize Your House Cleaning Company With MaidCentral

Designed exclusively for the residential cleaning industry, our software centralizes all the tools you need for operational success. Book your demo today and see how MaidCentral can transform your business.

  • MaidCentral Works Best for Companies Averaging Over $250k in Annual Revenue
  • Automate repetitive tasks so you have more time to work on your business.
  • Adjust job pricing for maximum profitability so you can reinvest in your business and your people.
  • Follow-up more quickly with sales leads so you win more customers.
  • Improve employee efficiency so your employees can make more per job and reduce wasted travel time.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and create customers that love your cleaning business.
  • Join a community of the most successful businesses.

We Grew Over $100k with MaidCentral

Listen to what one of our customers has to say about how MaidCentral has improved their operations and improved revenue by over $100k.

With MaidCentral, you’ll save hundreds of hours each month through automations; and you’ll be able to put more money in the bank each month.

Schedule your Discovery call today and see for yourself how MaidCentral can help you grow your cleaning business!

The Data You Need To Scale

MaidCentral gives you the data you need to scale your home cleaning business. KPIs, dashboards, and reports are built into the heart of MaidCentral. It is collecting data at every step of the home cleaning process, from first contact to the GPS time stamps of your techs, time in and out of jobs for accurate job costing, and notes on every communication. MaidCentral gives you a 360-degree view of your home cleaning business and deeper insights into how you can improve your key metrics.

Automated Payroll & Job Invoicing

MaidCentral can save you dozens of back-office hours each week. Payroll is automated by collecting time and attendance data from your employees right in the application, employees check-in and out of jobs, and that data relates to pay types for that job that are automatically created when you sell the job. At the end of each workday you approve the payroll data on each job, push one button and all of your jobs are invoiced, credit cards are charged, and payroll records are created.

Powerful Sales Tools & Online Booking

MaidCentral has a completely configurable booking system that you can configure for phone or online sales. It can be completely customized to the way you do  business. MaidCentral creates perfect quotes in terms of pricing and allowed hours. And MaidCentral follows up with every lead to close more deals and keep your schedule full.

MaidCentral is always in sync with your employee availability so you know exactly what you can sell, and if you are selling online you will never have to worry about being overbooked.

Maximize the Lifetime Value of Each Customer

The key to long-term success in the residential cleaning industry is maximizing the value of your long-term customers. Attracting and keeping customers for the long run is what sets MaidCentral apart from other software solutions.

Some of the things that are unique to MaidCentral include built-in quality management, customer preferences and warnings, scheduling consistency tools, advanced worksheet instructions with images and room logs, dispatch tools that measure each job for profitability, and sales tools that encourage customers to increase service frequency. 

Empower Your Employees

MaidCentral gives your field service employees the tools they need to deliver consistently great service to your customers. Their employee portal lets them manage their personal schedule and request time off, see their time and attendance, scorecards, and other key metrics about their performance.

In addition, they can see their payroll data in MaidCentral and how it was generated. If you use a pay for performance model they can see how increasing their productivity and efficiency will improve their pay each week. It is a critical piece of getting employees to buy into a pay-for-performance model that drives success and profits.

Advanced Mapping & Routing

Small increases in efficiency can make a major difference in profits for your residential cleaning business. But managing to schedule homes close together, while meeting the various preferences and requests of your clients can be a big challenge.

MaidCentral gives you a variety of scheduling and mapping tools that help you create better routes, reduce drive time, increase the number of billable hours, and create more profits. All of this leads to happier employees and an improved bottom line!

“Maid Central is the ONLY software that checks all the boxes; and the best part is there’s NO MORE PAPER!”

Gary Murphy

Maid Brigade of Westchester

“I Love Maid Central! Scheduling is a breeze and the reporting functionality gives us everything we need to grow our business!”

Gosia Baran

Helping Hands Cleaning Service