KPIs To Drive Growth, Success, and Profits


Do you know your cleaning business’ key performance indicators (KPIs)? These crucial numbers demonstrate the health of your company and are a strategic advantage as you plan your cleaning business’ growth. KPIs tell a story about what is happening in your business and can be extremely helpful in determining if you are meeting a specific goal. Check your inbox for our report on KPI’s that drive profits and success in the home cleaning business. It has valuable formulas you can put to use right away.


It is important that your KPIs are aligned with your cleaning business growth goals and that you are using tools designed specifically to provide you with insight that is aligned to measuring your KPIs. That is exactly what MaidCentral does.

Maid Central breaks down your cleaning business into 12 KPIs. Six that should always be going up (#Green Numbers) and six that should always be going down (#RedNumbers). By making small, steady adjustments to your KPIs, your cleaning business growth can be exponential.


KPIs give the entire team a common language for defining success. Things like increasing your average close rate and decreasing your cleaning technician turnover rate can multiply your cleaning business growth, building it into the company you’ve envisioned. MaidCentral helps you know, understand, monitor, and adjust these KPIs bringing your company in line with your vision.

Successful cleaning companies know that there is more to growth than simply cleaning more houses. Adding revenue to each clean, increasing the frequency of cleaning, and providing your clients impeccable service are all part of expanding your cleaning business growth.

Cleaning business growth chart


Your People: The Key to Your Cleaning Business Growth

MaidCentral’s mission is to help you maximize your cleaning business growth by maximizing your biggest investment: your people. Productive, efficient, happy employees earn you more money. The MaidCentral platform provides you with several KPIs that will help you more accurately predict how long it will take to clean a home, allows cleaners and office staff to add custom notes to client files, and provides crucial reminders, reducing errors and client complaints.

MaidCentral’s KPIs will help you manage your cleaning business in a way that helps your cleaning technicians and office staff help your increase your revenue every day and sustain the growth of your cleaning business.