MaidCentral uses the word cancel to mean two different things. One is demonstrated in the video, how to cancel services. This action will cancel the selected job and all future jobs. Customers cancel for lots of different reasons (moving, financial reasons, pandemic, etc) In this how to video we show you how to Cancel Services, How to set a reminder via an open ticket, and where to find that future open ticket on your Main Dashboard. MaidCentral is one of the easiest cleaning business software systems you can use to create schedules, and when you need to cancel schedules. All cleaning scheduling and dispatch features are designed to make your workday faster and easier and reduce back office administration time. You can also track cancellation reasons and create details notes on cancellation reasons. You can also set a follow up reminder to check in with them after a certain period of time. This is a good opportunity to put them into a marketing sequence and follow up with them to try to recapture their business.

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MaidCentral is a comprehensive software solution built specifically to help cleaning businesses streamline their operations, boost revenue, and substantially elevate the trajectory of their business. Our comprehensive, cloud-based platform is used by hundreds of cleaning companies across the country. MaidCentral was developed by cleaning business owners for cleaning business owners. No other cleaning software is this powerful.