August 25, 2022

1. Rate Increase / Adjustments / Bulk Rate Mods

What is it?
Bulk rate mods will easily allow you to add additional service fees to multiple services at the same time. 
Why it Matters: This can significantly improve your revenue per labor hour when implemented thoughtfully.
These bulk rate mods can be structured just like any other rate mods, they can either be shared with the technicians, or it could be a service fee that is paid directly to the company.
Another great benefit of this new feature is the ability to filter which services get these rate mods.

For example, now we can institute a fuel surcharge across the board for all new service sets that get created in a certain zip code or, if you wanted to have a trip charge for a certain zip code and pay that out 100% to the technicians, you could do that with this feature.

This feature is fully integrated into online and office quoting, so they can be configured to always be added to any future jobs created in that Zip Code or zone. So if you want to charge a higher fee for certain service areas, this can all be automated in the quoting process.

2. Map Updates

What Is It? These maps have long been highly valued features in MaidCentral. They allow for us to easily visualize our client base at a glance and create efficient routes for our technicians.

With our latest updates to these maps, we’re pushing their value into the stratosphere. 
Why It Matters:
We’ve consolidated the Schedule Efficiency Map and Schedule Efficiency Report into one place, saving you time and clicks.

With this new view, you can quickly view the current route vs optimum routing, and even visualize route density.

We’ve also configured the maps to make use of our recently released satellite office feature, as well as finally allowing the system to use a technician’s home address as the starting point for the route. This will allow us to track and plan even more efficiently, leading to higher revenue per labor hour.

Lastly, we’ve updated the default map application for technicians. Now, when a technician clicks on an address to pull up directions, the default map app for the device will be used. So for iOS users, Apple Maps is used by default, and Google maps are used for android users. Individual users can change their default map app from within their personal device settings, so even apps like Waze can now be used.

3. Report: Team Mileage

What is it? The Team Mileage report shows a day-by-day breakdown of how your teams spent their time.
It displays the team’s total distance for the day, as well as their drive time and total time on the clock. Prior to this update, there was some math involved in creating additional pay for mileage, and they had to be added one at a time.
Why It Matters: Now, you can bulk create additional pay items for mileage which will then show up on the employee’s payroll, automating the whole process.

In addition, this report can be used in conjunction with the logic created by the Satellite Offices update to provide even more flexibility and functionality.

Note: Make sure to put your mileage rate into the Company Payroll Settings so that the rate is automatically populated on this report. 

4. Satellite Offices

What Is It? Satellite Offices are secondary locations outside of your Main Office that Teams can be assigned to.

While we have always supported multi-unit operations with our branch features, that was originally designed for businesses that had separate labor pools and/or financials.
Why It Matters:
Satellite Offices allow us to have a shared pool of employees that can overlap which office they serve, while also adding flexibility with new mapping features and advanced filtering.

This will allow us to create more accurate routes and support flexible scheduling between offices.

August 11, 2022


  • Manual Campaign History
    • Under Company > Campaigns view the Manual Campaign History for email and text campaigns.  View the date/time, created by, type, status (queued, in progress, completed, or failed) and contact count of each manual campaign. If an accidental duplicate submission was entered, the status will display as Queued then disappear and will not be processed.
  • Quote Rounding
    • Created access for you to enable the Company > General > Feature > Quote Rounding. Round your quotes to the dime, dollar or ten dollars.
  • Template Export to HTML and Template Export to TXT
    • Have you noticed another MaidCentral users Templates that they send to follow up with their leads or to their existing customers? Now everyone can easily share their templates with other MaidCentral users by exporting and sharing.

Feature Enhancements

  • Create all Invoices by checking the button on customer’s needing to receive batch invoices.
  • Existing Customers using your online booking form for Online Quoting will no longer receive a “Refusing to Connect” message when pricing shopping using the same email or phone number associated with their existing account.
  • On the Way Notifications for all Technicians’ Next Job. On Page Load of both the Technician Dashboard and the Job Worksheet, Maid Central will check to see if the Logged In Technician’s next upcoming job is set up to receive On the Way Notifications. The popup will continue to appear until the Notification is sent.
  • Updated the Rate Increase Export to include the correct New Base Rate.
  • Updated the Rate Increase Rounding when calculating using Normalized Average Actual Hours or Average Actual Hours. We now round Average Actual Hours and Normalized Average Actual Hours before doing the calculation.
  • Updated it so if you were asking for your customers to Response to “On The Way” notification with a number, it will no longer fill out the Scorecard text before it was generated.

July 28, 2022

MaidCentral released a build overnight on July 28, 2022. This build contains so many exciting features that are brand new, as well as some awesome enhancements to existing features! We can’t wait for you to see the latest improvements we’ve made to the software, be sure to continue reading below to learn what changes you can expect to see. 


  • Use your Availability Calendar > Employees tab and the new Tool Tips to understand how the Efficiency Hours are calculated for each scheduled employee. We even show you how your trainees are being counted using your Trainee Position Factor Settings.
  • To keep your customers in the know when adding their credit card via the Customer Portal we’ve updated the verbiage to the following: “By adding a Credit Card, you are authorizing (Your Company) to process payments for services automatically”
  • Check out the updates to your Employee Turnover by Week Report. Feature updates allow for you to easily keep a pulse on your employee turnover after closing out the week in MC. We added a start date column, Year, and Week column, also allowing you to easily compare your 3-month moving average vs your 12-month moving average. Your most recent week has been moved to the top to best stay up to date. 
  • Displayed in the upper right-hand corner of your technicians’ job worksheets, the Time to Complete feature has been enhanced with a new Tooltip displaying calculations on how that Time to Complete is calculated. Click here for an awesome video we did earlier this week explaining our Time to Complete feature before the new Tooltip was added.


  • MC 2.0: We’ve added the ability to create Rate Modifications with a quantity over 999
  • MC 2.0: New Credit Cards now automatically display as the default card
  • MC 2.0: First time job instructions applying to booked jobs
  • MC 2.0: Quote Rounding – Ability to add to the nearest dime
  • MC 2.0: Correct questions appearing on Step 2 even after removing a Scope from a Quote
  • Rates Increase/Adjustment Report – Duplicate entries are light red like the header at the top allowing you to easily see your variance column
  • Sales KPI Report: Lead Source Counts include Child Lead Sources. If a customer source is missing, system defaults to Customer Source “Other.”
  • Stats by Week Report: Payroll Total Column Tooltip (Gross Wages minus Tips for Employees who have Job Hours greater than zero)

July 21, 2022

MaidCentral is releasing a build overnight on July 14, 2022. In this build, you will find some brand new features, as well as enhancements to existing features. To find out what is improving this week, read below.


  • Customer Portal: MC 2.0 – Rate Mods/ Add Checkbox for Available Customer Portal
  • Customer Portal: Updated verbiage for adding a credit card
  • Customer – New fields for Internal Memo at customer level
    • Added to Orange Customer Card as a label and tooltip
  • Dispatch board: Column for phone number
    • Added column for preferred phone number
  • Dispatch board: Format Customer Name and Address Columns
    • Update Customer Name to be First Name Last Name. Made Address its own column.
  • Employee Stats – Productivity shouldn’t filter Pending Jobs (filter in progress jobs)
    • Updated query to not filtering complete jobs- it will only filter jobs that are in progress
  • MC 2.0: Office and Online Bookings Default Tags
    • Office Booking will default check First Time – Deep Clean only if Deep Clean is in the Scope name. Online Booking will default check First Time In and Out of Rotation
  • MC 2.0: Quote Emails: Add Job Date to Fee Table


  • Availability Calendar – Availability Calendar > Efficiency Hours should account for Trainee Position Factor
    • Uses the Average Trainee Position Factor for the Scope Group
  • Employees > Daily Timeclocks > Breaks – Changing Break Type will now save
  • MC 2.0: Activity Pipeline Date Filters now pulling correctly
    • We made an update to the date filter to account for UTC Date and Time
  • MC 2.0: Customer Account Invite Campaign Seeing CC Processor Connections Correctly
  • MC 2.0: Payroll summary visual bug – Time Clock Calculation
    • Time Clock calculations were always using the Pay Type stored on the Time Clock
  • MC 2.0: Rate Modifications will show if the price is $0
  • Rates Increase/Adjustment Report – Duplicate entries should be light red (like the header at the top)

July 14, 2022

MaidCentral is releasing a build overnight on July 14, 2022. In this build, you will find some brand new features, as well as highlights to existing features. To find out what is improving this week, read below. 


  • Employee Default Team Change Should Require Start Date for Change
  • MC 2.0: Batch Invoice: Email invoices automatically when created
    • On the Batch Invoicing page, an email with the Invoice will be sent to the Customer if their Customer Account has “Email Invoices when Jobs are Invoiced” checked. The button will Create and Email Invoice.
  • Notifications: Template Tag for Terms of Service 
    • Template Types: Bump, Cancel, Cancel Service, Invoice, Lockout, M ove, Rate Adjustment, Rate Increase, Redo, Skip, Notifications, Scorecard


  • Batch Invoice: Email invoice is sending one email per job fixed
  • Campaign: Customer Retention campaign no longer creating Open Ticket customer notes
    • When at least one Text fails to send, it was setting all subsequent Texts as Open Tickets
  • MC 2.0: Online Booking Form should not jump to form on page load
    • Chrome Only. Removed First Name focus on Step 1 Load
  • MC 2.0: Testimonials now scrolling on Website
  • Tickets Report: Date Search now pulling correct tickets

June 30, 2022

MaidCentral is releasing a build overnight on June 30, 2022. Read below to stay up to date with the latest features, such as an update to the fee table, and enhancements, including a fix that will allow you to change the default credit card within Stripe. 


  • MC 2.0: Quote Email: Update Fee Table
  • Notifications: Template Tag for Terms of Service


  • Campaigns: Email Template To/From Fields now overriding defaults
  • Employee Details: Add null check for Payroll History when loading Productivity
  • Main Dashboard: Open Ticket Sort Corrected
  • MC 2.0: Attempting to update Default Credit Card for Stripe now working
  • MC 2.0: Rate Modifications with a quantity of more than 999 are now reflecting in the Quote

June 23, 2022

There is a new build releasing overnight on Thursday, June 23 that contains brand new features, as well as many enhancements. Among the new features, you’ll find that we have a new Ideas Portal, you can access this on your MaidCentral page by clicking the button in the bottom left. One important enhancement is a fix to Campaigns, Texts, and Emails going out on weekends to prevent that from happening. Read below to learn more. 


  • Broadcast Message- Added Employee Hire Date column
  • Changed Ideas Portal link from Aha to Pendo
  • MC 2.0: Link Existing Customer (login) Step 1
    • If an existing Customer enters their contact information on Step 1 of the Online Quoting tool, they will be prompted to login. That is, if they already have set up their Customer Portal Account. Upon logging in, they can either select an existing home, or choose a new home by entering their address on Step 2. This will create a new Service Set upon completing the booking.
    • A future enhancement will be implemented allowing the customer to create their Customer Portal Account and login.
  • MC 2.0: Require Scope for Online Booking
    • For Required Scopes of Work, it is always selected. It cannot be removed on Step 2. Step 3 (Scheduling) only shows one calendar to pick the first job date. If a Single Frequency is selected, it will set the First Job Date for the Single, then schedule the other Scopes based on the Frequency.


  • Main Dashboard: Open Ticket Sort correct
    • Sorts by Type, then by Open Date ascending
  • Rate Increase Summary- export needs formatted (including HTML)
  • Report: Sales KPIs no longer showing Terminated Employees
  • Tech Dashboard: On the Way Notification Popup keeps appearing after the notification is attempted to send
    • The notification in this situation is failing to send. This means an invalid phone number was the culprit. Implemented a New Open Ticket for the Notification Failure, the Popup will no longer continue to appear.
  • Tickets Report: Link to Quote, Employee now working
  • MC 2.0:
    • Activity Pipeline – Column Availability
    • Net Customer Emails no longer blank
    • BCC’d emails not receiving responses
    • Campaigns will no longer go out on Weekends
      • If a text/email is supposed to be sent after close of business on Friday and before Monday business hours open, the text/email will go out on Monday Business Hours Open
    • Office Quoting Setting Address to Indiana when Create Customer/Home no longer happening
    • Texts and emails no longer going out on Weekends

June 2, 2022

We released a build overnight on June 2, 2022. In this build you will find a few new features that have been added to MaidCentral, as well as a number of enhancements. Among these new features and enhancements, you’ll find that when you’re creating a contact ticket, you will now have the option to Add Note directly from there, Email Invoices are now going to the Preferred Contact, and Quoting Existing customers and then Booking through Online Quote will no longer create a new customer. Continue reading to see what else is new. 


  • Footer: Added link to privacy policy for all users of MC
  • Job Edit Modal: Add Note as an Option when Creating a Contact Ticket
  • Rates Report: Add Column for Active Recurring Rate Modifications


  • Email Invoice: Now going to Preferred Contact
  • Franchise: Customer Source won’t require Parent Customer Source
  • Lead Status now correct after text is sent
  • Quoting existing customer and Booking through Online Quote will no longer create a new customer
  • Ticket Report: Unchecking Customer Note will apply and not be visible
  • MC 2.0:
    • Allowed hours no longer calculating at negative
    • Automated Campaigns won’t send on Weekends
    • Can now send Confirmation from Booked Quote
    • Closed Leads won’t receive Campaigns
    • HTTP Retrieval Errors within Twilio resolved
      • Processing Twilio events in the background
    • New Quote for a booked customer no longer receiving Internal Server Error
    • PTO and Time off able to be combined to make a full day off
      • Allow PTO/Time Off requests to touch each other but not overlap
    • Quote will negate the Lead email
      • Lead Email will be sent 10 Minutes after clicking Next on Step 1 (will not be sent if the Lead receives a Quote by Email) Quote Email will be sent 5 minutes after clicking Next on Step 2 (will not be sent if the Quote books within 5 minutes)

May 12, 2022

We will be releasing a build that will go out overnight tonight, May 12. In this build, you will find a handful of features, such as a Bulk delete option under Batch Invoicing, and various Enhancements such as an update to the Stats by Week report so that it will populate Revenue for all $0 weeks. Read below to find out all of the new features and enhancements you can expect to see when you log on in the morning. 


  • Batch Invoicing: There is now a Bulk delete option
  • Job Worksheet UI Updates
    • Hide sections that don’t have any data
  • MC 2.0: Lead/Quote Search Add Columns and Filters
  • Payroll: Time Sheet Set to Salary is Salary Employee


  • Batch Invoicing: Select all Checkbox is working
  • Company > Invoicing & Jobs > All Reports > Closed Date display Last Modified Date
    • Updated to display Date Created
  • Payroll: Close Payroll provides visual feedback that it’s in progress
  • Pricing Summary now displays discount codes
  • MC 2.0:
    • Revenue by Week 500 Error Resolved
    • Tickets can now be closed
    • Clicking backwards in workflow no longer giving bad request
    • Customer Campaign Showing Scorecards
    • Deleting Campaigns off Leads not working
    • Multiply Input By (Pets) now calculating correctly
    • Online Booking: Price Summary being cut off on some devices has been resolved
    • Sales Tax based off of Shipping address instead of Billing address
      • Both Batch Invoicing and Individual Invoicing
    • Stats By Week data updating, no data missing
      • Will populate Revenue for all $0 weeks for all Service Companies
    • Visual Bug with Rate Mod resolved
  • Invoicing: Skip Fee and Lockout Fee should not be case sensitive
    • This only applies when manually adding the fee to a Skip or Lockout Job

April 28, 2022

In this article, you will find information about what was released overnight in the latest build on April 28, 2022. Included in the updates that you’ll find is a change to the Online Booking Tool. To learn more in-depth about the changes in the Online Booking Experience, please review the video below for a walkthrough of the changes. Aside from the Online Booking Updates, you now have the ability to view your Closed Tickets, you will find an added column for Hire Date in your PTO Report, and much more, continue reading below to uncover all of the changes from this build.


  • Report: You now have the ability to view Closed Tickets
  • A new report has been created with Advanced Filtering. Accessible by clicking View All (tickets) on the Dashboard and on the Reports List Page
  • PTO Report: Added a Column for Hire Date
  • Quote Rounding: Updated Option Text
  • MC 2.0:
    • Online Booking Quoting
      • Update pricing summary to only show Totals for each Scope
      • Open Terms and Conditions in a New Tab
      • Don’t scroll to the iFrame on the page when loading step 1, this makes the page jump on some Partners’ websites
      • If you see an extra scroll bar when looking at your Online Booking Tool, you can go to MaidCentral and copy the new iFrame code to paste in place of your old iFrame code, this will make it look correct
        • iFrame code was changed from scrolling=”yes” no scrolling=”no” to remove the additional scrollbars
      • Online Quoting: Got to Step 2 Automatically is all values are passed in the Query String


  • Customer Portal: Removed Rate Mods with type “Other”
  • Employee PTO for Unexcused Absence will stay Unexcused
    • If schedule is set to Unexcused and request is linked to it, the schedule will remain Unexcused
  • Gross Profit by Service Set now working
  • PTO Report Date Range Updates
    • Only show dates for a Multiple Day Request that are applicable by the Date Filter
  • PTO Report Menu now visible
  • PTO Report: Employee Scheduled Requests that span many days will not create Additional Pays
  • Report: Create Account Customer Invite – Change Label to Future Pending Jobs
  • Service Company Goal: You can now create a value with a comma
  • Broadcast Message Checkboxes now stay when switching communication method
    • Uncheck all rows when changing the Text/Email option since data table changes
  • MC 2.0:
    • Charge Customers Internal Server Error no longer happening
    • Text Message Scorecard link no longer showing expired
    • Lead Campaigns no longer going to out of service area zip codes
    • Lead Created Note no longer listed as Email
    • Sales Tax based off of Shipping address instead of billing address

April 14, 2022

The latest MaidCentral build was released overnight on April 14, 2022. We’re excited to share these changes with you; we especially can’t wait to tell you more about our changes to the PTO and Holiday Report. In addition to that change, you will find numerous other new features and enhancements, such as Advanced Filtering for Tags and Skills, a new Team Position badge on the Job Scheduler, and the ability to see a customer’s Preferred Days of the Week on the Service Set Info View. Continue reading to learn more about this build, and be sure to click the link to view more information on the new PTO and Holiday Report. 



  • Customer Sources: You now have the ability to hide/show customers sources for Online Booking 
    • Added two columns for Active and Hide on Online Quoting, also added an Actions menu
  • Employee Details: Ability to add Additional Pay items from Employee Details page
  • Employee Search: Advance Filtering: Search by Tags and Skills
    • Added Advanced Filtering for Tags and Skills, Added a Tag Column (this is only visible if Filtering by a Tag), Added Excel Export
    • Employee Search: Display Tags and Roles (similar to Skills) 
  • Employee Tags/Skills: Breakout Hourly and Scheduled Tags
  • I&J Report Update Allowed Hours and Actual Hours
    • Changed Base Hours to say Allowed Hours and added Actual Hours
  • Job Scheduler: Team Position Badge added
  • Report: Stats by Week, Revenue per Week should match Sales KPIs report 
    • Updated Revenue per Week +/- field to match the Sales KPI report 
  • Report: Stats by Week subtract Tips from Gross Pay
    • Added a Subtract Tips from Gross Pay field
  • Updated the description for feature: Payroll: Allowed Hours and Prorate Employee Pay
  • MC 2.0: 
    • Now shows Preferred Days of Week on Service Set Info view
    • Add Checkboxes for Service Set Edit to change Days of Week
    • Edit Days of the Week at the Service Set Edit Page
    • Quoting UI and Email don’t show Recurring and First if they are the same
    • Renamed the Scopes of Work menu item and added breadcrumb to Quoting & Scopes
    • Agreement Terms no longer shows Add-On as .55 cents


  • Report: Employee Stats will still load if there aren’t any Productivity Columns
  • Report: Open Invoices, total columns no longer off by one (added a column to report)
  • MC 2.0:
    • Default Rooms Saving
    • Added a checkbox to the Employee Stats Report whether to load Productivity or not. This is unchecked by default. 
    • Doubled up campaigns can now be deleted
    • Home Zone for Canadian Partners: Fix for potential customers not being able to book when receiving Not in Zip Code Error
    • MaidCentral can now send emails to addresses ending in an underscore 
    • Rate Modifications that were Percentage based are now calculated correctly on initial load of the Quoting Tool 
    • Sales KPI no longer showing a 500 Error
    • Scope > Questions now loading answers
    • Testimonial iFrame Error no longer occurring 

March 31, 2022

The latest build that was released went out overnight on March 31, 2022. You will find new features, such as an update to Customer Sources allowing a Parent Customer Source to be created and saved, and you will also find enhancements such as your Company Address being added to the Main Email Wrapper Template, and Customer Portal Payments now marking an invoice as paid. As always, we are committed to always growing and improving our software, read below to see how we are making positive changes to enhance your MaidCentral experience. 


  • Customer Sources: Two levels of customer sources now supported
    • The Create and Edit page has been updated to allow for Parent Customer Source to be saved. Updated Reports (Sales KPIs, Estimate Search MC 2.0, Quote Search MC 1.0, Lead Campaign) to filter by Customer Source, and Parent Customer Source, as well as display the Parent Description
  • The Employee Profile will now display their Productivity Score
  • Rate Adjustments have been renamed to Rate Modifications
  • Report: Employee Stats, Productivity based on Date Range
    • Productivity numbers will be calculated on the fly using the date range selected
  • Report: Open invoices add column for Billing Terms


  • Rooms that have been quoted can now be deleted
  • Customer Portal changes will now create tickets for some customer actions
    • Tickets will now be created when a Customer adds a Credit Card, Creates a Notification Preference, and Deletes a Contact Information. 
  • Home Zones Breadcrumbs now updating URL correctly 
  • Job Count by Status: Closed Jobs now showing Jobs when the number has a count of jobs
  • Lead Emails will include Company Address
    • Added Physical and Mailing Addresses as an option in the Global Replacement Fields. Also added Physical Address to the bottom of the Main Email Wrapper Template for all Partners
  • MC 1.0: Lead Form with redirect no longer causes error when redirected to Quoting Tool
  • MC 2.0:
    • Can now update PTO hours
      • Allow decimals for hours in a day and smallest PTO increment 
    • Customer Portal Add-On now adding correct amount of time, if Time Calculation is percentage
    • Customer Portal Payments now marking Invoice as Paid 
      • Invoiced By, Changed By, and Emailed By are now all being displayed properly 
    • There is no longer an Internal Server Error when creating an Employee Account 
    • Invoice and Jobs: Checking the Emailing Invoice will still send email if Customer Profile isn’t set up to receive emails
    • Job Count by Date and Status now pulling from the settings on this page rather than from Kiosk Settings
    • The color of the text in Message Dashboard has been changed to stand out more
    • Online Quoting: Default Answer now being set
    • Questions with required checkbox: checkbox now visible for all questions
    • Solo Pay now pulling correctly for Service Set Pay Structure
    • Templates: Filter out unused Templates on the Templates Page (Old MC 1.0 Quote Emails) 
    • Open Invoice Report now searches by Invoice ID 
    • Report: Customer Efficiency Map  Zone Colors updating
      • Now auto updates zone colors when loading maps 
    • Report: Stats By Week, Count is now correct
      • If an employee is terminated after payroll is closed up, the Stats by Week Staff Lost count is now correct

March 17, 2022

There are many new features and enhancements to be found in the build that went out overnight on Thursday, March 17. You will find big changes in Simplified Pricing within your Quoting Tool, if you quote by Square Feet, this is an article you’ll definitely want to continue reading. Aside from the Simplified Pricing feature, you will find other new features such as a newly added redirect URL after your customer books, and enhancements such as updates to the Revenue by Week report to help it load more quickly, and to the Timesheet where you can now see who adjusted the clock time. Continue reading to learn more. 


  • MC 2.0: Simplified Pricing
    • Scope of Work > General Settings
      • Square Foot Input determines if we display a Textbox or Select List for Square Feet input
      • Square Foot Calculation Method determines if we use the Actual Value that was input or if we use the Top of the Range that the input value falls within (Note: if Select List is displayed, the top end of the range will be used because there isn’t an input value).
        • This input does NOT affect Room Pricing because we don’t use the actual square feet in any calculations
      • Simplified Pricing
        • Changing the settings at the top will automatically update the example table
        • You will have to hit save after changing your settings for them to be live
        • The example table shows 1000-8000 sq feet with 500 square foot increments
      • We recommend that Partners do not set factors for “How many square feet is your home?” when they are using Square Feet or Simplified Pricing, as this will add confusion.
    • MC 2.0:
      • Add Redirect URL for Online Bookings
        • At the Scope Group Settings, a new form field is added for Online Quoting Tool Redirect URL. If supplied, after the customer books, they will be redirected to this URL.
      • Online Booked Quote > Send Account Invite Email
        • If the Customer didn’t create the account via Step 4 (non redirected confirmation) within 5 minutes, the Customer will receive an email asking to create their account
      • Employee Details: You now have the ability to display Inactive Scopes and Pay Structures


  • There is no longer an Internal Server Error on Revenue and Production Planning
  • We updated the query and added filters to the Revenue by Week report to try and speed up the loading process
  • Schedulers: The Show Full Day button no longer hiding behind the Support button
  • Technician Dashboard: Uploading Job Photos that are an unsupported file type will no longer cause an error
  • Timesheet: Yellow Clock Icon – This now shows who adjusted the time; one minute clock changes also showing
    • The ModifiedBy and DateLastModified were not being updated when Time Sheets were being updated by Office Staff, which is why it was appearing that the Technicians were adjusting their own time. This is now fixed for future data.
  • Mc 2.0:
    • Create Quote from customers with duplicate contact info won’t show an error on Step 1 Save
    • Scope of Work: Revenue and Goals
      • There was an error stating “Not Sent by Server” that has been corrected

March 10, 2022

MaidCentral released a new build overnight on March 10, 2022. In this build, you will find both new features and enhancements to make your experience using MaidCentral as smooth and enjoyable as possible. This week, we made changes to the Scope of Work interface to make navigation simpler, enhanced the Texting Campaign process, and introduced a feature that will warn you when you try to go back on a page where there are unsaved changes. Continue reading below to learn more. 


  • MC 2.0:
    • Availability by Hour – Override Day of Week
      • Just like Availability by Revenue, you can now set particular days of the week to have a fixed number of hours (i.e. Weekends having 0 hours, regardless of who is scheduled)
    • Scope Group Settings now has a clickable link to the Online Booking Form; this opens the booking form in a New Tab
    • Scope of Work (individual) user interface changes
      • Rate Adjustments and Discount codes are now easier to locate
    • Reordered tabs and added help text to the Scopes of Work main page to make it simpler to navigate
    • There is now a step to confirm changes are saved
      • Now if you try to click “Back” and your quote isn’t saved, you will receive a warning that changes are not saved


  • Unsubscribe links were added to all Lead/Quote emails, Quote Campaign and Customer Campaign
  • Customer Campaign 500 error is now resolved
  • Partners can update card to pay MaidCentral Invoices
  • Text Campaigns: Resolved to show up as a text rather than as a Note
  • MC 2.0:
    • Connect to QBO button responding
    • Can now delete and close leads, a hide button for Booked Quotes has been added
    • Create Sendgrid List working smoothly
      • Removed button for companies that don’t have legacy campaign support for their Sendgrid account
    • Stripe error that was indicating “No Such Token” has been resolved
    • Scorecard formatting – preview will now appear in the proper format
    • Online Booking will resize IFRAME based on content
    • Additional error checking added to Text Message Campaigns, Text Campaigns will no longer send multiple times
    • Tips will no longer be taxed for Canadian Partners

March 03, 2022

MaidCentral released a new build overnight on March 3, 2022. In this build, you will learn about new things such as updated Office Quote features, an excel button added for Mac Users for the Availability Drill Down modal, and the ability to disable a Scope Group. Continue reading to find out more about what enhancements and new features you can find in this build. 


  • Report: Rate Adjustment/Increase will export updated values
    • If the user changes the values in the textboxes within the table and then exports the data those updated values will be exported
  • Updated description for ##TECHNICIANTABLE## for Scorecard Text Template
    • Description is now “Employee Name, Photo and Bios (texts only include employee names)”
  • MC 2.0:
    • Batch Invoice populates Service Date for each Line Item
    • Office Quote: Summary: Added colors for Positive and Negative Rate Adjustments
    • Office Quote: Summary: Redesigned to include Total Time for First Job and Recurring Jobs
    • Online Quote: Relocated the Address Inputs to the bottom of the form


  • MC 1.0: Updated all Employee Productivity calculations to include all Rate Adjustments
  • First Job On The Way: Modal now working even if Google cannot find the address
  • Message Dashboard: List of Messages now have correct unread numbers
  • Open Invoices: List one Invoice with list of Jobs (batch customers)
    • Displays one invoice per line and there is now a column for Home and Job Info
  • MC 2.0:
    • Availability Drill Down modal now has an excel button for Mac
    • Changed Scope Group “Delete” to “Disable.” To disable the Scope Group, you will need to disable all Scopes of work for that Scope Group. Update Customer Campaign to display Scope Group – Scope of Work and filter out disabled Scopes of Work.
    • Recurring Tip now added to all invoices
    • Service Set Edit – Scope was showing blank on some Quotes
      • For a Partner who has many branches, if the user goes back to step 1, the Scope would be blank
    • Settings: Group Revenue cannot save Cut Off Time
    • Stats by Week Report total columns for Customer Count updated
    • Canadian Tips are no longer being taxed
    • Message Dashboard: List of Messages have correct unread numbers
    • Open Invoices: List one Invoice with list of jobs (batch customers)
      • Displays one invoice per line now, and added a column for Home and Job Info
    • Resend Scorecard working properly

February 24, 2022

MaidCentral released a new build with features and enhancements overnight on February 24, 2022 as part of our commitment to continuously improve our software. You will find updates to the Availability Calendar, Scorecard text messages, and more. Continue reading to learn what changed. 


  • The Availability Calendar has been updated on the Reports Menu, Next Job Dates (when Quoting), as well as Step 4 on the Office Quoting Tool. You can now drill down into the Availability for a Scope Group on a particular day. The drill-down modal is accessible by clicking on the Event on the Availability Calendars.
  • Report: Open Invoices – added a “total” row to the bottom for columns that display money. We have also added KPIs at the top of the report and updated the table export options to not include URLs and format money correctly.
  • MC 2.0: For Scorecard text Messages, the ##TECHNICIANTABLE## Replacement tag will add a list of Employee Names who cleaned the home


  • MC 2.0:
    • When emailing a quote, it will no longer display an incorrect quote
    • The first job will now successfully create invoices
    • Updated the query to improve performance with Lead Campaign, this should no longer become unresponsive with a lot of results in the grid
    • QDS Export now including all jobs
    • Questions will no longer duplicate themselves
    • Revenue and Availability Calendar Numbers will now match
      • Updated the report to sum ALL Scopes of Work for a Scope Group
  • On the Way Notification pop up corrected
  • Partner Settings will no longer give server error
  • Added validation for Scope of Work settings to require Technician Efficiency to be less than 1

February 18, 2022

MaidCentral pushed out a build with changes that took effect Friday, February 18. In this build, you will find both new features, such as the ability for Technicians to upload multiple job photos at once, as well as enhancements like the ability to register to the customer portal with Facebook and Google. Be sure to look below for more information. 

New Features

  • Delete Questionnaire Response
    • Added a delete button column for administrators
  • MC 2.0 Settings:
    • Added a Filter to hide inactive Rate Adjustments and Discounts
    • Added a Filter to hide inactive Scopes of Work
    • Added a Filter to hide inactive Questions
      • These options can be found in the dropdown menu next to the “Create” link in the header
    • Change to Company Settings for Rounding Quotes
      • On the Settings page (Company > Scopes of Work > General Tab), if the Quote Round Settings Feature is enabled, settings will be displayed to determine how Quote Prices are rounded
    • Updated Quoting Tool to support actual and adjusted prices
  • There is now a new Partner Settings page
    • From the Company Menu > Partner (formally Group) > Settings, a newly refined page exists that shows Partner Contact Info, Credit Card Info, and a list of invoices. This allows a Partner to update their Credit Card for MaidCentral Billing purposes. Login Page logo, Employee Resources link have also been relocated on this page.
  • On the Technician Dashboard: Technician Note: Added a “View Job” link
  • Technician: Job Worksheet: Ability to upload multiple photos
    • Technicians can now upload multiple job photos at once


  • Can now register to the customer portal from mobile using Facebook or Google connection option
  • Customer Details: Cannot delete contacts with Notification Preferences
  • MC 1.0: Employee Profile Productivity Page was showing duplicate; duplicates have been deleted in production
  • MC 1.0: When an Office User creates or Edits a Job Timesheet, the system will detect if the Scorecard Notification should be sent out. This is also true for technician requests.
  • MC 2.0:
    • Booked Estimates: When clicking “Edit” from the Quote Details page, you can now update Name and Contact Info for Booked Quotes
    • Employee Create/Edit pay types were previously showing Inactive Scope Groups/Scopes, a filter has been added for Inactive Scope Groups/Scopes
    • Removed date range options from Invoicing & Jobs Date Picker
    • Rows were previously only added to the Scorecards Report if MC actually sent the Scorecard; now we have added a row to the Scorecards Report if an Office User manually adds the response
    • Default rooms that were deleted from a Quote will no longer continue to populate when loading the quote again
    • You will no longer see an error when entering a credit card in the Online Booking form for Quotes that were already linked to a Stripe account
  • You can now edit a PTO policy and click the Delete button at the bottom. Deleting a PTO policy will remove it from all employees. At least one PTO policy must remain

February 8, 2022

We released a build overnight on Tuesday, February 8 in order to make a couple of important updates. At MaidCentral, we are committed to giving all of our partners the best experience possible when utilizing and navigating the software. We value all of your feedback that helps us to continuously improve, below are the features and clean-ups you can find in this most recent build.

New Features

  • COVID-19 Questionnaire Updated to reflect current CDC Guidelines
  • Report: Jobs Not Invoiced – Remove Job from the report and don’t display jobs that were deleted from Batch Invoicing. 
    • Added an option to delete a Job from the Jobs Not Invoiced Report. There’s a delete button in the far right column. Invoices deleted from Batch Invoicing will no longer show on the Jobs Not Invoiced Report. 
  • MC 2.0: Multiple discount codes now work when applied together 
  • MC 2.0: Online Booking: Quote by Square Feet: Update Message Alert Text
    • “Please contact us for a custom quote.” This displays when the size of the home is larger or smaller than your company has ranges set for. 


  • Automated Campaign Email Unsubscribe
    • Partners using the default SendGrid account will now have an unsubscribe Group created. Clicking save on the Company > General > Integrations tab will create this group and add the Unsubscribe link to Campaign emails. 
  • MC 2.0: Customer Portal will filter scorecards from Notification settings
    • Removed the option to create or delete Scorecard notifications from the Customer Portal 
  • MC 2.0: Invoicing and Jobs Page: Recurring Tip has been removed for Skips and Lockouts
    • This will set the Customer Recurring or Individual Job Tip to $0 when a job has a Lockout or Skip Fee
  • MC 2.0: Invoicing and Jobs page now shows loading spinner when a date is selected
  • Scorecard Email: Technician Table displayed as designed
  • Tip Scorecard Response: Will detect a tip if there is a dollar sign and an open ticket will appear

February 3, 2022

The first MaidCentral build of 2022 had brought us some exciting new features and improvements. Included in this article is a highlight video demonstrating the new features, including the much-anticipated new ability to text scorecards to your customers!

New Features

  • You can now personalize the scorecard email in a way that will include a “Tech Title” field, so you can use your own lexicon to give titles to techs.
  • The ability to add custom emojis in the scorecard
  • Copy the scorecard comment easily from MC allowing customers to also post the review directly to the social media site of their choosing
  • You can now text scorecards
    • Notification Preferences Updated – specify what contact info receives a scorecard
  • Remove field at the Customer Level for Send Scorecard
  • Remove field at the Customer Contact Level (email only) for send scorecard
  • Grouped each Notification by Type (Reminders, Updates, Other)
  • Customers can respond to the text and will create the Scorecard response
    • Captures the customer based on the incoming phone number
    • The incoming text MUST start with a 0-4 for MaidCentral to automatically close the incoming Text and to Create the Scorecard Response
    • If MaidCentral can determine the proper job, the Incoming Ticker will automatically be closed and creates a scorecard response
    • If MaidCentral detects that the Customer wants to leave a Tip, the Incoming Text will remain as an Open Ticket


  • Changed appearance of scorecard to make it more user friendly
  • Updated the employee search page to show Profile Image, also added popover to view the Employee Bio
  • Add replacement tag for Template (##TECHNICIANTABLE##) – this will display a single tow of Technicians who worked the Job
  • Bio is saved on the employee details page
  • Added cropping functionality for Employee Profile Photo
  • Report: Update Scorecard Report to Resent Scorecard (renamed from Requeue). Added Last Sent Date Time Column
  • Create a new Text Texting Template
  • Job Edit Modal: Link button to the Scorecard page to create a scorecard response
    • Add scorecard response (score and comments).
  • For all of those on 2.0, Default Notifications for Texting and Email Scorecard can be configured for all New Customers