MaidCentral offers four different pay types for you to select from. We’ll explain all four types offered. As we continue to talk about pay types we’ll show you how to set these pay types to your service set types, and then set the pay rate for each of your employees.

MaidCentral allows you to have powerful incentive based pay systems. Cleaning business software needs to have multiple pay structures including commission or fee split, job ticket hour, hourly, or higher hourly for cleaning and a lower hour for drive and unproductive time. These are the main ways that house cleaning businesses pay their technicians and you can use these pay types in a variety of ways inside our house cleaning business software.

If you are looking to adopt a pay for performance model in your cleaning business, MaidCentral will give you the tools, insight, and reporting to create powerful incentive based pay structures that align your employees goals with your company goals, increase productivity, and improve efficiency.