As the current or future owner of a cleaning business, you’ve probably wondered time and time again what makes a client choose one maid service provider over another? There are quite a few reasons and they may not be what you think.

We have previously explored the major perks of using a specialized maid service program and supplied some pointers on how to choose a great house cleaning schedule app for your company. Now we’ll help you grow your firm by discussing 3 essential perks clients want from a cleaning company and how to effectively meet those needs. Read on.

What do customers look for in a cleaning business?

First off, you need to ensure potential customers are aware of the advantages your maid service offers. This is best done by running automated marketing campaigns and setting up lead generation functionalities on your website (newsletters, free quote request forms, special offers, etc.). Support for these features is one of the most important advantages you should look for when choosing a management app for your cleaning company.

Here are 3 traits that attract cleaning service clients:

1. Hassle-free booking and payment system

What's the top house cleaning schedule app available today

The #1 reason people book residential maid services is because it saves them time and energy. However, the convenience provided by a cleaning company shouldn’t be limited to the service itself: you also want to make the process of scheduling the cleaning and paying for it as effortless as possible for your clientele.

A simple online form that can be filled out in a minute or two from any internet-enabled device is a must in this day and age. Furthermore, you should provide a payment system that safeguards your customers’ sensitive data and enables them to provide instant cash-free payments.

Having both of these functionalities integrated not only with one another, but also with the mobile and desktop versions of your website is key to providing a seamless experience.

2. Flexibility and scalability

No two households are the same. As a result, their cleaning needs aren’t going to be the same either. To attract as many potential clients as possible, cleaning companies should enable their customers to tailor their cleaning checklists to fit their needs.

The best way to do this is by setting up a robust scheduling system that allows users to easily include or exclude specific cleaning tasks. For instance, you could offer a “green cleaning” option (ie. performing the entire cleaning using only eco-friendly supplies), or a no-contract option for clients who aren’t yet ready to commit to a recurring plan, and so on.

3. Excellent communication

Believe it or not, many customers choose their cleaning companies simply based on which one picked up the phone first when they called. Your customer support staff should always be available to address your clients’ concerns, adjust their service as needed, and provide recommendations for maximum value.

Therefore, having a prompt, helpful, and friendly customer care team is a key part of organizing a successful cleaning company and attracting and retaining loyal clients.

What’s the top house cleaning schedule app available today?

MaidCentral is a state-of-the-art program designed to provide cleaning business owners and managers with the complete toolkit they need to optimize their day-to-day tasks and ensure long-term growth.

Unlike other business management apps, our program is specifically designed with the cleaning industry in mind. This means that it contains the full suite of functionalities you need to set up a modern booking and payment system, capture and follow-up on leads, determine and track industry-specific KPIs, and much more. Call us and book your one-on-one demo today.

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