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Intro to Upsells

In the cleaning industry, upsells and cross-sells aren’t just a means to sell more, but also to improve client relationships. These strategies are essential for sustainable growth and customer satisfaction. But what are some quick and easy tactics we can use to guide our strategy?

First we need to understand exactly what upsells and cross-sells are. If you haven’t been following along with our Core KPI series, this article is focused on our January KPI: Bill Per Cleaning.


What’s the Difference?

Businesses often discuss upsells and cross-sells, but they are different processes with their own tips and strategies. Let’s take a look at what separates these two sales approaches:


Upselling is when businesses try to sell a better version of the original clean. That might look like a deep clean upgrade or additional add-on services, like an oven or fridge cleaning.

Seek to add value by better tailoring the service to the client’s needs. Upsells can also be time-limited offers, adding an element of scarcity and urgency to the sale. With upselling, your business will get a higher-priced sale while bringing the client more value


Cross-selling is when businesses try to sell customers additional services related to the original sale. Examples include window washing services, carpet cleaning, or home organizing services. This other service complements the initial cleaning service and improves your bottom line. Covering a broad range of services creates a synergistic effect, and increases client lifetime value in the long run. 


Why Bother With Upsells?

Selling more is good, but maximizing sales with upsells and cross-sells is a smart way to increase revenue efficiently. Here are three reasons why you should use these tactics in your sales approach:

Improve relationships with current clients by offering appropriate upsells, boosting their lifetime value.

Upsells are an efficient and cost-effective way to increase revenue while maintaining service quality. Find the perfect upsell by listening and fully understanding the client’s unique needs.

And finally, upselling and cross-selling initiatives can enhance the confidence between customers and your business. This confidence is vital in cultivating loyalty in our competitive sector.


Effective Tactics

Critical Listening

It’s cliche, yes – but the key to successful upselling lies in truly understanding each household’s specific needs. Observing and listening to clients can reveal opportunities for additional services that genuinely add value. However, having too many extra services can overwhelm new clients. Keeping things simple and focusing on your most valuable offers is important.


In sales, timing is everything. Introducing new services at the right moment is crucial. Opportunities arise when people change their lifestyle or when seasons change. During these times, clients may be more open to trying new services. 

Be ready! When a client moves, ask if they know the new tenant. Use this chance to sell to a new customer in a familiar location. 

Have seasonal campaigns ready to launch and leverage those times of year to everyone’s benefit. Packages like a “Spring Renewal Clean” that combine several services at a special rate are often well-received. Creating attractive packages of complementary services can be a compelling upsell strategy. 

Green Upsells

Minimizing your environmental footprint is hugely important in today’s cleaning world. It’s no longer enough to simply use green cleaning products. Sustainable packaging, eco-labeling, reusable equipment, eco-friendly disinfectants, and other modern solutions are becoming increasingly popular.

Introducing eco-friendly cleaning options will meet growing environmental concerns while increasing client retention and attracting a new customer base.


Leveraging Technology

Tools like MaidCentral can provide valuable insights into client preferences, helping to tailor upselling and cross-selling efforts effectively. Book Some Time With Me!
Automating upsells for clients who live in a particular area or zip code can save time, and standardize your process.


Common Pitfalls

Being gentle and natural in conversation is more effective and respectful than using aggressive sales tactics. Always ensure that the additional services offered are relevant and beneficial to the client’s current needs and preferences. 

That being said, you are the expert in your field. Your customers depend on you to tell them about their choices. Don’t be afraid to offer more services because you think it might be too pushy. 

Focus on being informative and helpful, not on the bottom dollar of the job. The conversation is easy when our primary concern is the value your customers will receive.


Real World Example

Here’s a comprehensive webinar covering the January Core KPI – Bill Per Cleaning. In this webinar, we discuss strategies for upselling and increasing your average bill rate.
Skip to 37 minutes into the video to jump right to the section on upsells!


Upselling and cross-selling, when done thoughtfully and strategically, are efficient tools for enhancing client satisfaction and business revenue. Offering more than just a service, the goal is to provide solutions that resonate with client needs!

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