MaidCentral Saved All Star Cleaning $60K In Support Salaries

Ajia Holiday is the General Manager of All Star Cleaning Services in Fort Collins, Colorado. They are very successful home cleaning business on pace to reach over $3 million in annual sales. Ajia shares her experience of joining MaidCentral and the value it is has brought to the All Star team.

“Everything about MaidCentral has had such a positive impact. We have saved $50-60K in back office salaries alone, not counting how much time I have back to focus on growth and strategy”

Ajia from All Star Cleaning Services has used MaidCentral to get the business out of her brain, into a system that her whole team can use to deliver more consistent results and improve the customer experience. No other Maid Service Software can deliver the same impact. Everyone on the All Star Team from Ajia to the techs in the field love MaidCentral. Everyone is on the same page.

MaidCentral is designed to help you automate nearly every repetitive task in your business. Scheduling, dispatch, customer communications, invoicing, employee management, and more have built-in automation that will save your company time and money. All Star Cleaning eliminated $60K in office salaries, but in addition, those employees would have had taxes and benefits associated with those jobs. They would have needed to managed, and all of that would have taken away from All Stars time and resources.

MaidCentral lets you focus on activities that add value to your business. Ajia and the All Star team can focus on strategy and systems. She can work on the business, instead of being bogged down by operations in the business.

Do you need the knowledge and systems to scale your cleaning business?

If you have a desire to grow your business, MaidCentral can give you the tools to scale up and achieve your goals.