MaidCentral is designed to create consistent schedules and increase the lifetime value of every customer your company serves. One of the key ways that MaidCentral delivers this is by tracking and visualizing customer preferences. Most maid software allows you to put notes on a customer that identify how the home should be cleaned, and any specific requests they have such as preferred service days, times, and even team members. But often it is just too difficult to find that information in advance, and those requests go unfulfilled.

MaidCentral allows you to gather information about specific customer preferences including team members they want, or even a team member they never want to return. And if you violate this preference, MaidCentral warns you that you are not meeting a customer request so that you can make an adjustment if you are able. You can track things like team members, preferred times, must-have times, and even special equipment that you must bring.

This is all delivered both to your back office, and your field service technicians in an easy-to-read format that makes what your customers want and need very clear. You can even create detailed room logs with notes at the room level, or even attach images to the job, or individual rooms. Think about serving an AirBnB and they have a very particular way they want the fridge stocked. Writing that as a note might be cumbersome, but an image with notes makes it easier to manage complex client instructions with ease.

MaidCentral is all about having the tools to say yes to your customer’s cleaning requests and keep them as customers for the long run. Reducing customer churn and increasing the lifetime value of every customer is all about meeting expectations, and when possible exceeding them.