Efficiency Reporting

Creating efficient schedules and having your employees act efficiently, are both important concepts to execute if you want to create success and profits in the home cleaning industry. A 5% change in efficiency can have a dramatic effect on your companies bottom line. In fact, beyond even pricing, how well you schedule your cleaning techs, and how well they manage their time both in homes and between homes is one of the most important KPIs you need to manage in your home cleaning business.

MaidCentral allows you to view efficiency on various levels. You can view it for the company per day. You can drill down by employee, by the team, and even by the job. You can view mapping and driving reports that allow you to optimize efficiency every step of the way. Creating, managing, and evaluating efficient schedules is one of the most important features of any maid service software. And no other software will give you the data and tools that MaidCentral offers.

Some of the features of our maid service software

All Of Our Plans Include

CRM & Sales

Simplified or advanced strategies available for marketing and sales follow-up, all built into one platform. A complete lifecycle CRM for the house cleaning industry

Advanced Online Booking

Make sales 24/7 with advanced booking features that are directly tied to your availability. No more separate systems forscheduling house cleaning services – we offer an all-in-one solution.

Advanced Reporting & KPIs

All the data you need at your fingertips to run a profitable and successful business. We provide detailed analytics through integration of comprehensive KPIs and advanced reporting methods.

Advanced Scheduling Tools

Create schedules that are efficient and manageable. Meet clients' specific requests and requirements. Easy & intuitive scheduling and rescheduling for your clients.

Mobile Technician Access

Your technicians will have all the data they need to provide excellent and efficient service, and have their schedule and key employment information all in one unified place.

Customer Portal

Customers can manage and optimize their account on their own, greatly saving back-office support time, and vastly improving customer engagement for their cleaning services.

Advanced Payroll Reporting

Pay commission, job ticket hour, hourly, and more. Additionally, increase your employee pay by using tips captured from the numerous happy customers on their scorecards.

Quality Measurement & Management

Measure your customer satisfaction and improve your service with our cleaning management software. Increase profits by keeping customers happy. Increase employee pay with tips from customers.

Batch Billing & Invoicing

Save back office time by one click billing all of your customers for the day. Creates perfect accounting records with seamless QBO integrations.

Create a Thriving Home Cleaning Business

Software to save you time, increase your profits and streamline your systems. All of the features listed below is just the tip of the iceberg. Schedule your one-on-one demo to fully understand how MaidCentral can transform your business.