Managed Services

MaidCentral is more than just software to run your house cleaning business. Let our managed services team be your back office. We offer a range of services that can be customized to meet the needs of any sized company in need of assistance with back office support and we have over 30 years of industry experience growing successful home cleaning businesses..

Customer Support: We can answer all of your business hour calls and give your business a professional image. We can provide them seamless support with scheduling and billing requests.  We can even create support tickets that need your attention for things like damaged items, or complaints that need to be addressed.
Sales: We are an experienced team selling direct to consumers for the residential cleaning industry. We know how to get new clients coming through the door! Plus you can see the whole process right in your MaidCentral sales dashboard.

Trusted by some of the best cleaning companies

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Marketing: SEO, Website Development, Facebook, and more. We can provide your residential cleaning business a steady supply of new leads. And if we are running your sales, we will convert those leads to paying business for you month after month.
Payroll: When you are using MaidCentral, all of your payroll data is being recorded in the software for easy to run reporting. We can take that a step further and run your payroll for you. We will provide you with weekly reporting and tax filings so that you are always in compliance.
Scheduling & Dispatch: Let MaidCentral optimize your schedule for efficiency. We will answer all of your team member questions throughout the day and keep them moving from house to house. We will provide daily reporting on efficiency and on times in homes.
Recruiting: We can recruit and interview all initial candidates. By the time you are ready for a final interview they will be vetted. Avoid no shows and the hassle of sifting through hundreds of candidates to make a single hire.