With more than 3 million employees and over $46 billion in earnings each year, the cleaning industry is one of the biggest and most important industries in the United States. Unlike many other businesses, cleaning companies have only become more sought-after during the Coronavirus pandemic.

But how will this new appreciation for maid services convert into more business now that the epidemic is winding down? How will modern cleaning management systems change the way the industry operates? What does the future hold for maid service providers?

We’ve previously explained why having an online quote request form is essential for a cleaning company, listed a few fun and surprising facts about the cleaning industry, and discussed the expected cleaning industry trends in 2022. Now we’ll take a look at how future developments may change the way maid services operate. Read on to learn more.

What is the future of cleaning services?

Trends in the residential cleaning industry evolve over time as the needs and desires of homeowners shift. In order to stay competitive, housekeeping companies need to stay up-to-date with these shifts and adapt their services accordingly to meet market demands.

According to experts, here’s what we can expect:

Growing emphasis on eco-friendly cleaning services

Sustainable cleaning has been steadily rising in popularity throughout the past couple of decades. The COVID-19 pandemic has temporarily shifted this emphasis in favor of heavy duty disinfection. However, now that the world is gradually going back to normal, sustainable cleaning is once more of major interest to homeowners.

Beside eco-friendly housekeeping chemicals, residential maid services may also start using emerging technologies such as washable microfiber cloths and mop heads. This provides both financial benefits through increased savings while also helping cleaning companies limit their environmental footprint.


The term “cobotics” stands for “collaborative robotics”. Cobots are special robots that are designed to carry out strenuous or repetitive tasks that would otherwise be relegated to a staff member. Unlike robots from sci-fi movies, cobots aren’t autonomous, but are rather designed to work alongside people and directly support workers instead of replacing them.

By leaving time-consuming tasks such as vacuuming to cobots, cleaners will be free to dedicate themselves to high-value tasks that homeowners truly notice and appreciate. This can greatly increase the quality of services rendered and minimize the strain caused by repetitive work.

Most importantly, cobots are able to quickly and safely perform hazardous tasks such as heavy-duty disinfection. This helps protect the cleaners while also ensuring optimal results and increasing staff retention.

Specialized maid service software

Many businesses across various industries now take care of all of their internal and external organization, communications, data collection, and even long-term planning through dedicated programs that were purpose-built for their field.

The housekeeping industry is no exception. Specialized software is already being used by successful maid service providers, and this approach is expected to become the norm in the upcoming years.

The focus is moving from metrics of how much did I clean, and how many techs did I have, to how much gross profit did I make on every available labor hour. In a constrained labor market, the right software can help identify ways to increase productivity, increase scheduling efficiency, improve employee engagement, and create profits and success for the owners of the companies that deploy the right software.

dependable cleaning management system

Where can I find a dependable cleaning management system for my maid service?

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