If you run a service-based business such as a residential cleaning company, you can benefit greatly from providing your customers with a way to obtain quick and accurate quotes. By far the easiest and most efficient way to accomplish this is by adding a quote request form to your company’s website.

But why is this so? Why are online quote request forms so beneficial for cleaning businesses and how have they contributed to the growth of the cleaning industry? Are they expected to still be widely used in the upcoming years as well?

In the following article, we’ll list 3 of the key benefits of having a quote request form on your website and explain how you can obtain a high-quality form by using dedicated residential cleaning business software. Keep reading to learn more.

What are the benefits of quoting?

Possibly the biggest advantage of having a quote request form is around-the-clock availability. Unlike your office staff, a quote request form is available 24/7. This prevents lost sales opportunities, removes the need to have someone by the phone at all times, and reduces the amount of hands-on work you have to do.

The top 3 perks of having a quote request form are:

1. Convenience for the client

Running a cleaning business is all about providing convenience to your customers. This extends to providing them with estimates as well. The last thing your clientele wants is to waste time and energy on back-and-forth phone calls and texts.

Having a user-friendly online quote that’s easily accessible from any device with an internet connection eliminates this hassle for both you and your customers. In fact, with a reliable cleaning service software solution, this process can even be completely automated on your part.

2. Comprehensive records

All communications done through a quote request form are saved in an online database that can be accessed as needed later on. By automating your recordkeeping in this way, you’ll cut down on back office work and have all of your communications neatly organized in your software.

3. It provides essential feedback

If most of your customers are fine with your pricing, you know you got it right. If you receive a lot of push back or if your clientele are overly happy with your pricing, you may need to adjust your pricing strategy.

How do you create a quote request form?

Traditionally, online quote request forms for cleaning companies were built by the joint work of front-end and back-end developers who were tasked with creating their websites. While a quote request form can still be implemented this way, it’s far from the most cost-effective method to go about it. 

These days, you can find high-quality software for cleaning service providers that – in addition to helping you streamline your operations and facilitate communication across your organization – also has in-built quote request functionalities that can be readily included in your website.

This not only enables you to skip the painstaking process of making a quote request form from scratch, but also provides you with a quote request form that’s already integrated with your maid service app and optimized for the residential cleaning industry.

How do you create a quote request form

What is the most reliable residential cleaning business software available today?

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