Knowing the lifetime value of a residential cleaning customer and how to calculate the value of a residential cleaning customer is incredibly important if you want to scale your home cleaning business. Controlling variables like customer churn, increasing the frequency you clean your clients, and your average ticket per cleaning are all important metrics you need to be tracking in order to obtain this number. A customer could be worth thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars to your cleaning business. Knowing this number allows you to make better decisions for your business. It allows you to understand the importance of marketing. It helps shapes your strategies in terms of customer support. All aspects of your home cleaning business are affected by this number.

Cleaning Business Software MaidCentral has all of these models built in, but if you are looking for a solution on how to calculate these without maid service software, you can watch the video above where Tom Stewart breaks down the various pieces of information you need to calculate this critical cleaning business KPI. There is an entire series of cleaning business KPI calculations. Tom shares all the information on other Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that he has tracked and measured in his successful home cleaning business valuable to owners of residential cleaning businesses. In addition, you can download the calculators to each of these cleaning business KPI modes at https://maidcentral.com/academy. There is an ever-expanding library of resources and tools you need to grow your residential cleaning business. MaidCentral is maid service software with these KPI models built at the core of its functionality. If you use these models to run your cleaning business you will create more success and profits, and improve the lives of your cleaning technicians, your clients, and all stake holders

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