“Cleaning is for health, not luxury or beauty. CLEANING is a necessity, no longer a luxury.” Debbie Sardone, The Maid Coach and talks about ‘The New Rules of Cleaning Business Marketing’ on this week’s Smart Business moves. She discusses how we can pivot our messaging to differentiate ourselves from other cleaning businesses in a competitive market.

This is a message that Tom Stewart, founder of maid service software MaidCentral has been pushing for years. The idea that cleaning our living and workspaces in a way that is safer and healthier for our customers and the planet is a big reason that Tom has been involved in creating training and certifications like the Professional House Cleaning Certification that is the industry standard backed and delivered by ISSA and ARCSI the industry trade groups for the cleaning industry.

Liz Trotter has also been moving here coaching community in that direction during the pandemic as well. Selling on messages of safety and professionalism are hallmarks of her training systems and coaching. So all three are in agreement that we are at a moment in time where the residential cleaning business market is set to see unprecedented growth and opportunity. The businesses that adapt their systems, positioning, and service delivery for this new market are the ones that will grow and thrive.

COVID became a major impetus for change in the residential cleaning industry. Businesses that pivoted to demonstrate their dedication to safety and social responsibility now stand out as leaders. Maid service software like MaidCentral also helps businesses stand out as more professional and responsive.

Responsive CRM tools and automation allow you to communicate key aspects of your cleaning business to your customers. Now is the time to professionalize your cleaning business. You need to refine your message. You need to refine your brand. You need to implement processes and systems that allow you to provide a higher level of service.

The new rules of cleaning business marketing require residential cleaning businesses to take responsibility for their impact on the planet, as well as prioritize healthy living in our modern homes among other changes that professionalize their service. This is an opportunity for us all: owners, employees, customers to be part of the solution. Customers really do care and this is your opportunity to stand out.

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