MaidCentral’s marketing and sales automation toolset can be a powerful weapon in your business arsenal. With the ability to segment lists based on customer history, send automatic follow-ups for leads and quotes, target past customers with personalized communications, and much more–MaidCentral campaigns is a powerful tool. It is just one of the many features built into the most robust house cleaning software solution available. The ability to automate your cleaning business sales and marketing can save you hundreds of back office hours each month, but more importantly it can help you close the sales cycle quicker and with less effort allowing you to grow your cleaning business reliably month after month.

One of the most powerful features of MaidCentral campaigns is the segmented sales and marketing follow up. When a potential customer visits your website and requests more information , or fills out a quote request form, you can set up automated follow-ups. You will receive a notification in MaidCentral for every new lead. MaidCentral will automatically follow up with the lead or you can set notifications for follow up calls.

In addition if a lead is given a quote, either on your website if you are using MaidCentral’s online booking engine, or by phone, you can customize the follow up that these quoted potential customers receive. For example you could send out a follow up email that just says “Quick Question”, this is a really powerful yet simple hack to engage your customers with a question and give them a call to action in the email, something like “If you are still looking to get your home cleaned, just give me a quick reply”. This feels very authentic and not automated. The flexibility is endless in what you can create.

You can even follow up with powerful and automated text messages. You can send a text message to your leads and quotes and do it in an engaging way that helps drive response. Marketing research shows that nearly 98% of text messages are read, versus 6% of emails. It is a really great feature to lead off with a text message right after a lead comes in. “Hi {customer first name}, I just got your request for a quote. Do you have 5 minutes that I can help finalize your price and cleaning detail?” Again. Notice it is a question. That almost demands engagement, and the response rate is very high. It feels very personal even though this is all automated with MaidCentral’s cleaning business software.

You can also set up long term nurture emails if you are not able to close the sale during the first couple of weeks after you receive a new lead, or quote a potential customer. Nurture emails make sure that you are reaching out to potential clients at a regular cadence.

You can also create marketing campaigns for existing and past customers with MaidCentral. You can segment your customers based on a number of factors including date, service type, frequency, amount spent, last visit date, customer satisfaction ratings, and much more. You can increase your revenue per job significantly when you market to your existing customers and help them by selling them additional services that you offer. Think of all the ways you could add value to their existing cleanings, and how profitable that is since you are already there for your regular cleaning services.

The possibilities are endless when you combine the data analytics features of MaidCentral with the marketing and sales automation tools that exist in our cleaning business CRM.

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