We had the honor of having Kevin Kunkel as a guest on Smart Business Moves this week. You are going to want to watch this one from start to finish. I was loaded with actionable advice on how to evaluate talent, how to lead your team, how to use behavior-based interview questions to help predict success, and how to use objective measurements of your team members to evaluate, motivate, and reward them.

What are some of the objective metrics you can track for your team members? Attendance, including excused, unexcused, tardies, total requests off, and create a composite attendance score based on that data. You can evaluate how they use PTO and Sick hours. Do they use it as soon as they get it, or do they save it for when they need it? Quality scores from customer surveys and what percentage of their clients take the time to score them is an important objective measure. How much revenue do they produce for your company? How much do they earn for your company for every hour that they work? What is their productivity? And what is their efficiency?

These are objective measures that maid service software MaidCentral can give you to help you identify your top performers. Often times we are surprised to find that the employees we like the best, are not objectively the employees that are most valuable to your organization. We can be blinded by our own biases or personal feelings. This is a critical mistake that most businesses make, and it is mostly because they lack the data and tools.

Kevin dives deep into some systems you can use to create objective measurements for your team members, including many of the KPI and employee stats that are being tracked in MaidCentral. Maid service software should help you do more than just schedule jobs, you should be measuring critical employee data that can help you evaluate, engage, and reward top cleaning talent.

We wrapped the show up talking about how to overcome the current challenges we are facing in hiring. We also talked about systems for attracting and evaluating top cleaning talent for your residential cleaning business. We talked about the importance of assessments for some objective measurements. And we discussed using behavior-based interview questions to get your interviews to open up and share how they have handled past situations. The questions call for specific instances of how they behaved and interacted during previous circumstances.

Grab some great downloads from this show including examples of great behavioral based interview questions you can put to use right away. Plus an interview scorecard to help you objectively assess your applicants.

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