1. It reduces administrative overhead.
    Calculating payroll manually is mind-numbing and takes a huge chunk of your – or your office staff’s – time. Giving the authority and responsibility to you cleaning professionals to clock in and out for the day and check into and out of every job correctly frees up time. You and your office staff can spend this time on more value-added activities that drive profit.
  2. It creates compliant payroll records.
    Using MaidCentral to clock in and out for the day and check into and out of jobs ensures that minimum wage requirements are being met and that no earned overtime pay is missed, eliminating hours of payroll nightmares.
  3. Cleaning Professionals have access to detailed job information at their fingertips.
    Directions, access information, add-ons, special instructions and equipment, pet info, and more are all listed in detail when Cleaning Professionals check into a job. When they don’t check-in, they’re missing out!
  4. You will have an accurate record of Cleaning Professional Productivity.
    One of MaidCentral’s superpowers is the ability to measure work done by your Cleaning Professionals. Measuring the hours you have allowed for a job against the time it actually takes the Cleaning Professionals to clean that job makes team Productivity crystal clear. This helps you achieve a high return on your human capital. Using Productivity data, you can also ensure that you are charging the right amount for every job, every time, rather than just using the average numbers.
  5. You have the power to plan a more efficient job schedule/routing, to help grow your business.
    Knowing where your teams are, how long they are cleaning a job, and where they are going next is critical in your business’ time management and created Team Efficiency data. When Cleaning Professionals accurately and consistently check-in and out of jobs, it is easy to understand their schedule and how you can reduce drive time, add customers, and make more money.
  6. You can calculate your revenue per job and clock hour, helping you increase profits.
    Knowing exactly how long your teams were cleaning homes will help you calculate your revenue per job hour, allowing you to initiate price increases confidently and understand how many new clients you need to book to reach your revenue goals.
  7. Cleaning Professionals will realize increased feedback and increased tips.
    When Cleaning Professionals check into, then out of, each job, they generate a scorecard, automatically sent to each client upon checkout. The instant and automated use of scorecards generates increased client feedback. Clients who pay with credit cards also have the opportunity to leave a tip on their scorecard, making it easy for your teams to earn more money.
  8. Office staff can monitor Cleaning Professional progress and alert clients of updated arrival times.
    By quickly and easily checking into and out of each job, office staff can tell which teams are on schedule, which are falling behind (and might need help), and which are ahead of schedule. This helps keeps clients informed of delays or early arrivals and helps with team coaching and Productivity planning.
  9. It makes scheduling new clients quick, easy, and painless.
    When Cleaning Professional accurately and consistently clock in and out for the day and check into and out of jobs, you automatically know who is available, which team can handle a new client, and where in the schedule you can place them.
  10. It empowers your entire team.
    One of our Principles for Success is to free up time for your office staff to focus on revenue-generating activities. By empowering your Cleaning Professionals to be responsible and accountable for their time, your office staff has more time to sell your company and your services, driving profit.
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