1. Weekly MaidCentral User Meetings. Weekly Q&Aessions and User Meetings keep you in the know about what’s happening at MaidCentral (MC). Brainstorm and share ideas with other like-minded, talented MC users. Being a part of something dynamic, collaborative, and forward-thinking is what makes this software and community of users so special.
  2. One Integrated Solution. Payroll, scheduling, GPS routing, time tracking, online booking, customer scorecards, and invoicing (just to name a few) are all built-in features to manage your business workflow.
  3. The Master Schedule. Organize and manage all your recurring service sets from one report.
  4. The Ease of Invoicing and Payroll. Create invoices, charge credit cards, and generate your cleaning professionals’ pay for the day, from the click of a button.
  5. Tipping from Scorecards. Instantly increase your cleaning professionals’ pay with our Scorecards easy tip functionality. Customers can leave a tip after completing a scorecard even after you’ve invoiced that job, extending the amount of time the customer has to leave a tip for that job.
  6. Automation. Automated Reminder Notifications will instantly save your office staff time every single day. MaidCentral can deliver the notification to your customers by text, email, automated phones, or set a reminder for those that request a personal phone call, and you get to determine what time of the day those notifications are sent.
  7. Reports. Reports. Reports. MaidCentral will transform your business by helping you make data-based decisions. We give you the tools to make sure you’re getting the highest price and the most revenue from every customer. We all want to make more money out of every job we do.
  8. Constant Evolution. MaidCentral is always designing and developing with pay, price, productivity, and efficiency in mind. Maximize the revenue and return you get out of each hour paid to the people you’ve invested in. We’re building a platform that allows you to make more money in a way other platforms can’t. We have software that lets you collect the data and make the best decisions in order to generate the most profit in your business. MaidCentral is constantly evolving because of feedback from our users.
  9. MaidCentral gives you back time. With administrative tasks moved off of your desk, you and your office staff can use this found time to focus on your talent investment and opportunities to drive revenue and build your cleaning company.
  10. Our Founder, Tom Stewart. Tom firmly believes that the better the owners of house cleaning businesses can manage their businesses, the better employers they can be, and the better they can serve their clients. Everything he has accomplished in his career stems from his quest to professionalize the residential cleaning industry.

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MaidCentral is a comprehensive software solution built specifically to help cleaning businesses streamline their operations, boost revenue, and substantially elevate the trajectory of their business. Our comprehensive, cloud-based platform is used by hundreds of cleaning companies across the country. MaidCentral was developed by cleaning business owners for cleaning business owners. No other cleaning software is this powerful.