In today’s constrained labor market creating pay models that attract and keep top cleaning, talent is more important than ever. Pay models like fee split often called commission, and job ticket hours allow you to pay your cleaning professionals to align with your company’s goals. The main ways that most professional cleaning services pay are:

  • Hourly – Pay cleaning professionals one hourly rate for the entire day
  • Split Hourly – Apply a high hourly rate while cleaning professionals are in a home and a lower hourly rate while between homes
  • Commission – Pay cleaning professionals a percentage of the revenue they generate off of each home
  • Job Ticket Hour – Pay cleaning professionals an hourly rate applied to the estimated number of hours (allowed hours) to clean the home

Pay for performance models when executed properly reward your cleaning technicians that are both efficient and productive. Efficient cleaning tech spends their workday mostly on cleaning-related tasks, or tasks that generate revenue for your company. The higher percentage of a cleaning tech’s time that is spent on cleaning versus drive time, office time, breaks, etc… the higher their efficiency score is. Productive cleaning employees are able to hit the allowed hours they have scheduled in a predictable way. So if a job is scheduled to take 4 hours to clean, they can clean that job in 4 hours or less. To manage all of this you need to be tracking an employee’s clock in and clock outs for the day, so measuring their total work time. And you need them to be checking in and out of every job of the day. You really need maid service software designed for our industry to make this possible.

Cleaning Business Software helps create powerful pay for performance incentives

  • Commission and Job Ticket Hour create an incentive for cleaning professionals to meet the scope of work as quickly as possible, saving time and creating the opportunity to clean more homes and generate more revenue per day.
  • Must calculate pay on each home and add up pay for the pay period, ensuring that minimum wage and overtime rules are met – house clean software helps make this manageable. The specific needs of the residential cleaning industry mean that you need to pick a solution that is tailored to the needs you face every day.
  • Must determine rates to pay in order to create an incentive to be productive while still controlling labor costs

MaidCentral has powerful payroll and reporting functions built into the heart of how we have created and developed maid service software specific to the needs of the residential cleaning industry. You can download our Pay With Confidence guid to create powerful pay incentive programs that create better jobs for your employees, happier clients whose needs are met, and more success and profits for your cleaning business.

Pay your cleaning techs with confidence using Pay For Performance models and maid service software that makes it possible

Pay For Performance Drives Profits

It’s a war for top talent for your business, and you need to do whatever it takes to make sure you winning. Download our free Pay With Confidence Workbook to learn how you can implement pay-for-performance structures in your home cleaning business that help align your cleaning techs and your company. When you get this right you will create better jobs for your employee with higher pay and benefits, create happier customers who are raving fans, and create more success and profits for you.

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