Shawn Hill of Nice Job describes the power of Reputation Marketing to drive growth in your home cleaning business. Software can be a key advantage you can leverage to make this process easier. But everything he teaches applies to a manual process as well.

90% of consumers used the internet to find a local business in the last year, with 33% looking every day. Consumers are searching for house cleaning services like yours and cleaning business software paired with NiceJob helps make the process of standing out easier than ever.

Winning the Review Game for your home cleaning business:

  1. Begins with a great customer experience for your cleaning clients
  2. Employ effective follow-ups through software automation
  3. Leverage your maid service’s reputation
  4. Create a fan base for your cleaning company

Customer Experience Foundation

  1. Understand what is important to your home cleaning clients
  2. Deliver on your promises. Think meeting Scope of Work.
  3. Don’t overcomplicate things. Make it easy for your clients. Keys to an effective

Maid Service Review Generation Strategy

  1. When to ask. The moment of peak excitement.
  2. How to ask. Make it personal. Make it about your cleaning technicians and ask them in a way that makes them feel good about helping you grow your business. People naturally love to help. Leverage that. 
  3. Cleaning Business Automation. Does your cleaning business software help automate this process? Does it make it easier for your cleaning clients, and for your company? Generate review requests from your cleaning business clients right at the point of peak excitement. Use SMS and email follow-ups using a proven process. And make it simple for your customers to leave your cleaning business a review.

This all seems simple… so why doesn’t everyone do this?

  1. Shortsighted. Failure to see the importance of building trust in your cleaning business.
  2. Cleaning businesses feel reviews should just naturally come in on their own.
  3. Some cleaning companies hate to ask as they have already been paid and don’t want to “strain” the business relationship. Residential cleaning companies that don’t automate key business processes will find it harder, and eventually impossible to compete.
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