Business has been transformed by technology, and digital transformation has been accelerated in the past 2 years. Even businesses and industries slow to embrace change are now relying on technology to help them stay competitive.

People across the globe are relying more and more on their phones and computers for everything from learning and entertainment, to everyday tasks such as ordering food or booking cleaning services. And the right technology as the backbone of your business can connect them instantly

The business sphere is no exception. Having an advanced software system that saves time, automates repetitive tasks, and drives profits is a must these days to ensure long-term success, especially when you’re a company owner or manager in the highly competitive cleaning industry. And the right technology as the backbone of your business can connect them instantly

But how do you find the best scheduling software for your cleaning business? What are the most important features a maid service management software should have? We’ll be answering these questions in the following article. Read on to learn more.

What are the essential features of cleaning service software?

When choosing a feature-rich software platform for your cleaning company, the single biggest question to ask is: who’s it made for? While there are some great general-purpose programs on the market, the reality is that the cleaning industry presents many unique challenges that simply can’t be tackled by these jack-of-all-trades solutions.

For this reason, you should always look for a software that was specifically built by and for cleaning industry professionals. This not only ensures that you’ll have all the functionalities you need in one streamlined package, but also that these functionalities will be specifically optimized for the industry your maid service operates in.

Your software of choice should have the following features:

Job scheduling tools

First and foremost, your cleaning company app of choice should be equipped with advanced job scheduling features that enable you to view the day’s jobs broken down by cleaners, cleaning teams, client details, and job time. You should be able to easily book or reassign jobs, add custom tags and flags, access customer details, and more.

By keeping all of the key scheduling data in a single place where it can be readily accessed by your employees, you’ll not just make managing day-to-day tasks easier for yourself, but also ensure all members of your team are on the same page at all times.

A powerful scheduling system will also do one key thing, it will improve your route density and efficiency. The average cleaning tech spends only 5 hours of an 8 hour work day producing billable hours. If you can increase that by even 1 hour per day, you can make thousands more per day if you have a company with 20 technicians. The right software helps you schedule smarter, and the old adage stands, work smarter not harder.

Staff engagement

A great cleaning service management software should include a comprehensive dashboard where employees can clock in or out for the day, request time-off, and upload doctor’s excuses. This is also the place where an employee’s activities for the day – such as the time spent on travel, breaks, and jobs – will be documented, giving you a bird’s eye view of what your team is doing on any given day.

In addition to making everyone’s jobs easier, this also helps keep your employees engaged and increases their overall job satisfaction by streamlining daily tasks and simplifying communication between them and the management team.

Client engagement

When you come right down to it, the purpose of a cleaning company is to provide convenience for your customers. Your management app should facilitate this by enabling your clients to quickly update their contact and payment information, set up their own alert and notification preferences, and provide feedback and online reviews with minimal hassle.

This customer portal functionality should also make pricing and invoices readily available, and allow customers to effortlessly adjust their home’s cleaning notes and service details.

What are the essential features of cleaning service software

What is the best scheduling software for a cleaning business?

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