The cleaning industry can be highly competitive, especially if your company operates in a major city. Setting yourself apart from your competitors and projecting a trustworthy image is key to drawing and retaining high quality clientele. One of the ways you can do this is by accumulating a large number of positive online reviews for your residential maid service.

We’ve previously written about the key features your cleaning company software should have, explained how this software helps with long-term business planning, and looked at how maid service programs help increase client satisfaction. Now we’ll discuss the importance of online reviews and how the best software for your cleaning business can help you generate them. Keep reading to learn more.

Why are online reviews important?

Online reviews are the single biggest factor when it comes to establishing a positive online reputation for your business. They’re the digital equivalent of word of mouth, and one of the main things prospective clients take into consideration when deciding whether to buy a particular product or service.

Chances are, if your cleaning company doesn’t have at least 4 stars out of 5 on mainstream review aggregators such as Yelp and Google Reviews, the customers will book elsewhere. If your maid service does have good ratings, many of your would-be clients will then read the actual reviews to try and figure out whether your service is right for them.

In other words, without positive and plentiful online reviews, your company is going to have trouble finding new clients regardless of how great the service it offers may be.

How do I get more reviews for my cleaning business?

The most effective way to increase the number of reviews your residential cleaning company receives is to automate the ratings and reviews process, and make it as convenient as possible for your clients to rate the service they received and provide feedback.

This is exactly what a dedicated maid service program does for your business. Here’s how:

Integrated and personalizable ratings and reviews

Quality software for cleaning companies comes pre-packed with fully customizable rating and review systems that can be fully integrated with your existing website. This enables you to determine exactly what will be included in the reviews, where and how these reviews will appear on your website, and more.

Automated review prompts

Many happy customers who would otherwise leave a 5-star review fail to do so simply because it slips their mind. By sending automated review and rating prompts upon the completion of a cleaning service, you’ll greatly boost the number of reviews you get from these clients. These prompts can be sent in a variety of different ways, including email, text messages, and more.

Taking the hassle out of the process

Another reason clients fail to rate and review your business is because logging into different platforms and figuring out how to use them is just too much work. By keeping the reviews within the same intuitive app your customers already use to book cleanings, process payments, and communicate with your staff, you’re making the entire process far easier for them and, by extent, increasing the amount of reviews you receive.

Why are online reviews important

Where can I find the best software for my cleaning business?

Designed by cleaning industry veterans and used by a long list of successful residential cleaning companies, MaidCentral is the most versatile and reliable maid service management program available today. In addition to online review generation features, it also offers key functionalities such as metrics, dashboards, scheduling, staff engagement, and more.

Reach out to us today and book your one-on-one demo. We’re eager to show you our software and become your strongest ally on the path to a thriving and lucrative cleaning business.

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