State-of-the-art software can bring numerous advantages to a residential cleaning business, including cutting down on back office work and facilitating communication among your staff. Even more importantly, a maid service program helps you drive customer satisfaction.

In previous articles, we listed the essential features maid service software should have and explained how it can help you make informed decisions for the future of your cleaning business. Now we’ll take a look at how the best cleaning company software can help you boost customer satisfaction. Read on to learn more.

What do customers want from a cleaning company?

When you come right down to it, clients want three things from a residential cleaning service: trustworthiness, convenience, and responsiveness.

Here’s how cleaning business software helps with these three things:


In the residential cleaning industry, trust is the cornerstone of all client relationships. People are understandably reluctant to let an unknown cleaner into their home, so they want to feel confident that the company they’re hiring is reputable and takes pride in its work.

Unlike businesses in other industries – which usually demonstrate their professionalism by keeping their premises impeccable and organized – cleaning businesses have to rely on their websites to get the same message across. Not only does your website need to look modern and eye-catching, it should also be equipped with cutting-edge functionalities.

Quality maid service software helps you accomplish this by providing you with the full suite of core functionalities, including booking forms, quote request forms, online review generation tools, secure payment systems, and more. By seamlessly integrating these features with the rest of your website, cleaning company software sends all the right signals to your customers while also streamlining your operations and keeping crucial data in one place.

And after the sale is made, the right cleaning business software will help you keep the promises you made during the sale. MaidCentral tracks client preferences and requests, and even warns you if you are about to violate those requests. And nothing grows your company faster than happy customers that trust you and are willing to share you with their friends and family. 


The residential cleaning industry is all about helping people save time and making their lives easier. Maid service software facilitates this by providing you with highly optimized functionalities that are designed to maximize convenience.

These include:

  • Speeding up the booking process. Customers want to be able to schedule a cleaning or even set up a recurring service in a couple minutes or less, from any internet-enabled device. This is exactly what integrated scheduling and quote request forms included in modern cleaning company software are designed to accomplish.
  • Providing easy rating and feedback systems. Clients should be able to quickly provide feedback and rate the cleaning they received. This not only makes them feel more valued, it also provides you with the critical information you need to further adjust and optimize your service.
  • Establishing an intuitive customer portal where clients can easily fill in or change their information as needed, as well as keep track of their cleanings, adjust their checklist, ask questions, leave comments, and more.


Dependable cleaning management software includes user-friendly contact forms, streamlined payment systems, text communication, and more. All of this serves to make it easy for prospective and existing clients to ask questions, make requests, and communicate with their home cleaning professionals.

What do customers want from a cleaning company

What is the very best cleaning company software available today?

If you’re in need of a reliable software solution for your cleaning company that includes all of the functionalities you need to run a successful housekeeping company, look no further than MaidCentral.

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