Quotes Per Week is one of 12 Core KPIs that MaidCentral highly recommends keeping a pulse on, if you own a residential cleaning company. This metric, while sometimes overshadowed by others like Close Rate, is fundamental in assessing the health and potential of a business. 

Unlike more direct financial metrics, “Quotes Per Week” offers insight into the operational aspects of a company, including marketing effectiveness and customer engagement. As always, the key to understanding the full picture of your business involves looking at all the metrics together.

Understanding Quotes Per Week:

At the heart of every successful cleaning business lies the sales funnel. The sales funnel is a term used to describe the customer journey. This model illustrates the journey of a potential customer from initial awareness of the service to the point of engagement, such as requesting a quote. “Quotes per week” is a metric that represents the culmination of your marketing efforts and lies near the bottom of the sales funnel.

This KPI measures the average number of quotes sent out by your business on a weekly basis. It serves as a barometer of your sales and marketing effectiveness, offering valuable insights into your company’s growth potential. For example, if we aren’t getting any quotes sent out per week, or very few, and we aren’t spending any money on marketing or promotion, then that makes sense. But if we’re dumping money into Adwords or Facebook advertising and not seeing any new influx of quotes per week, then we may need to adjust our keywords or our targeted audience.

A deeper dive into this metric reveals the effectiveness of your sales process and highlights areas for improvement. Whether your business is experiencing a surge in leads or grappling with conversion rates, tracking “Quotes Per Week” can provide clarity on your path to success. 

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Strategies to Increase Your Quotes Per Week:

To improve the “Quotes Per Week” metric, companies can employ several strategies. These include optimizing online presence, such as improving the company website or utilizing social media platforms to engage potential customers. Incorporating an online booking system can simplify the process for customers to request quotes, thereby potentially increasing the number of quotes generated.

Furthermore, refining the sales process to ensure quick and professional responses to quote requests can improve conversion rates. Training sales teams on effective communication and follow-up techniques can also contribute to a higher number of weekly quotes. Additionally, leveraging customer data and feedback can provide insights into improving service offerings and marketing messages to better meet customer needs and preferences.

Embrace Online Booking:

  • Incorporate an online booking system into your operations, empowering potential customers to generate quotes on their own time. By offering convenience and accessibility, you can streamline the quoting process while enhancing close rates.

Optimize Your Sales Dashboard:

  • Utilizing MaidCentral’s robust sales dashboard to centralize your sales operations. This invaluable tool provides real-time insights into lead prioritization, ensuring that your team maximizes conversion opportunities.

Ensure Accurate Availability Calendars:

  • Maintain your online availability calendars to facilitate online bookings. By aligning customer requests with available cleaning slots, you can optimize the booking process, increase quote conversion rates, and provide leads with a completely seamless end-to-end experience.

Automate Your Marketing Campaigns:

  • Implement automated marketing campaigns to engage leads proactively. By leveraging automated emails, texts, and follow-up prompts in MaidCentral, you can nurture leads effectively and convert them into quotes at a higher rate. Mixing in Discount Codes or Final Offers can further enhance the appeal of your automated follow-up marketing campaigns.

Track Lead Sources Effectively:

  • Gain visibility into the origin of your leads to optimize your marketing strategies. By understanding the most lucrative lead sources, you can allocate your resources strategically and maximize your quote volume.

Enhance Your Quoting Tools and Templates:

  • Streamline the quoting process by enhancing your quoting tool and templates. Incorporate essential details directly into your online booking platform, reducing friction and expediting the quote generation process. Ensuring that all need-to-know information is clearly visible to the prospect will save time and enhance the booking experience


 Measuring and Benchmarking Quotes Per Week:

Tracking “Quotes Per Week” requires a systematic approach to data collection and analysis. Businesses can utilize software solutions which offer integrated tools for monitoring this and other KPIs. These tools simplify the process of aggregating data and provide actionable insights through dashboards and reports.

MaidCentral simplifies the tracking of “Quotes Per Week” through its comprehensive Core KPI Report. No more digging through spreadsheets and formulas to calculate your metrics each week. Simply head to your Core KPI Report and set your date range to have all 12 Core KPIs calculated automatically. MaidCentral’s latest update makes this process even easier – just hit ctrl-k on your keyboard, and type ‘Core’ to pull up the report.

If you’re not already using MaidCentral, we do encourage you to sign up for a demo and to come in with an open mind. There is no obligation, and we do not treat the call like a hard sell. We simply seek to educate cleaning business owners, so that they can make the best decisions when it comes to growing their business. That’s always been our mission at MaidCentral.

To manually calculate this metric,  add up the total number of quotes sent out over a certain number of weeks, then divide the total quotes by that number of weeks. For example, over the last 7 weeks, my company has sent out 82 quotes.

So, 82/7 is 11.71 quotes per week.

Benchmarking your performance against industry standards can provide valuable context, but do not focus on achieving unrealistic goals. Understanding your unique situation and taking action based on where you want to be is the best strategy to success.

Again, these numbers should be used to help you compare where your business is at. If you’re on the low end of quotes per week, and you’re not using the online quoting tool, then you can use these ranges and averages to see where you COULD be if you implemented online quoting.


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Why Quotes Per Week Matters:

All of this is great but why does this KPI really matter? Why is ‘Quotes Per Week’ a CORE KPI?

Well, the number of quotes your business generates each week serves as a direct indicator of your growth potential. Additionally, this KPI has a strong relationship with Close Rate, and by looking at those two metrics together, we are able to see just a bit more into the full story of our business. By staying aware of this core KPI and implementing targeted strategies, you can unlock new opportunities for business expansion and profitability.

Embrace innovative tools like MaidCentral’s online booking system and leverage educational resources to optimize your quoting process and achieve sustainable growth.


In conclusion, “Quotes Per Week” is a critical KPI for residential cleaning companies, offering valuable insights into marketing effectiveness, customer engagement, and potential for growth. By understanding and strategically improving this metric, companies can enhance their sales funnel efficiency, leading to increased conversion rates and business success. Employing a combination of technology, process optimization, and data analysis will enable businesses to effectively monitor and improve their performance in this area.

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