Dom Williams the founder and CEO Of Hirewho.co joined us to discuss the current hiring shortage, how applicant tracking software helps identify and engage top cleaning talent, and how maid service software helps track and improve turnover once you bring a new team member into your cleaning business.

Highlights Of The Show

  • Dom shares why he founded Hirewho and the unique problems he was trying to solve for his cleaning business. Software was the answer to the question of how to engage today’s workforce.
  • Dom shares insights on communicating with today’s applicants. Hint, text messaging is at the heart of how they interact with prospective jobs.
  • We discuss how attitudes about texting have generally shifted. 10 years ago none of us would have thought it would be professional or appropriate to text potential candidates for our cleaning businesses. Now it seems to be expected and normal.
  • We discussed how finding the right hires can help reduce turnover and showed how house cleaning software can track employee attendance, turnover, and other key metrics once you bring them on at your cleaning company.
  • We discussed how pay is a driving factor in the current labor shortage. Creating cleaning business pay models that reward top performers is key to creating success in attracting and keeping top cleaning business talent.

Overall it is clear that cleaning business owners are now facing unprecedented challenges. These are the kind of business challenges that will define who will win in today’s competitive business environment. Choosing the right tools and software to run your business will help set you apart and set you up for success.

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