If your residential cleaning business is not adapting to the way customers want to do business, you will struggle to grow. Online booking has become one of the major trends over the past few years. Adapting to cleaning customers who want to book online is going to be critical to grow your cleaning business in the future. Your maid service software should have this feature. One out of every two bookings we receive for my company Better Life Maids are from customers who either booked online without ever having talked to us or clicked a button in an email after talking on the phone with one of our representatives. In this blog post I am going to share some tips for how you can adapt your company’s processes and technology so that you can take advantage of this trend!

MaidCentral has a powerful online quoting and booking process that is tied to real time availability for your cleaning business. When a customer interacts with your website, they are creating a lead and quote inside of MaidCentral. They are receiving up to date pricing based on the factors you have set.

MaidCentral makes it easy for your customers to get a price from you while collecting valuable leads, because not every customer will sign up the first time they interact with your business. You can automate the follow up process through text messages, emails, and reminders for your sales team. Your website powered by MaidCentral becomes an automated sales and marketing machine working for you 24/7.

Adapting to Cleaning Customers Who Want To Book Online

If your website visitors are ready to book with you, they can pick from real time availability on your calendar. Only customers in areas you serve are allowed to book. And your new customers can customize their cleaning by selecting add on services, allowing them to give detailed instruction on pets, access, directions, and more. They can also give preferences on time for their cleanings. As MaidCentral’s advanced booking engine evolves, you will be able to further customize and refine the booking process, even allowing for variable rate booking based on factors such as flexibility on dates and times, urgency of the cleaning request, and just about anything you can think of.

Another great feature is that if an existing or past customer books with you through MaidCentral the system will match them by phone number and email to current accounts.

Even if you quoted a potential customer over the phone and they didn’t book right away, the powerful marketing automation of MaidCentral can help close the sale for you. You can send them a detailed quote outlining your companies cleaning services. And right from that email your customers can click book now, and their quote will be populated on your website with all of their details. They won’t need to input anything other than their credit card, and select a date to finish their booking process.

Adapting to Cleaning Customers Who Want To Book Online is critical to your success in todays busy world.

MaidCentral makes it incredibly easy for your customers to book online. And that is really what the future of customer service and sales looks like for our industry. We need to give our customers a seamless experience, with great technology as the backbone of our services.

If you have questions about how MaidCentral can help your residential cleaning business adapt, reach out and we’ll be happy to set up a time for a demo of our software.

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