In order to effectively run and grow their businesses, residential cleaning company owners and managers need to be able to correctly assess the value of the service they provide in face of their operating costs. As in many other industries, the recommended way to do this is by setting and tracking realistic KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

KPIs are quantifiable metrics that a maid service can use to measure how well it’s doing in terms of operational and strategic goals. They serve as a baseline for evaluating growth or performance in a variety of different areas.

In previous articles, we touched on some of the key cleaning industry terms and discussed the hiring techniques used by successful cleaning companies. Now we’ll take a look at common KPIs in the cleaning industry and explain how modern cleaning company management and booking software can help you set and follow realistic KPIs. Read on.

Can KPIs be goals?

No, KPIs themselves are not goals or targets. Your goals are the outcomes you’re striving towards (e.g., increase the number of homes you’re cleaning on an annual basis by a certain percentage), while KPIs are simply metrics that help you determine how well you’re working toward these goals (e.g., how many new clients are you getting per month and how many you expect to keep getting in the following months).

Targets are benchmarks that you are aiming to attain for your KPIs. An example of a target would be to expand your recurring customer base by 100 clients and increase the profitability of your cleaning company by 10% by the end of the year.

What is a KPI example?

KPIs can vary widely depending on your local area and niche, which part of the cleaning industry you’re focusing on, who your target customers are, and more. Here are some examples of cleaning service KPIs that most residential cleaning businesses should track:

Customer satisfaction scores

How many positive (and negative) reviews are you getting? How often do you receive complaints and what do these complaints focus on? How many special requests were completed? Conducting client surveys is a key component of this metric.


This includes the number of incidents that occur in a set time period, how many days a staff member missed as a result of a work-related accident, and more. Ideally, you should strive to keep these numbers as low as possible.

Cleaning crew

Keep track of employee absenteeism, attendance, retention, and turnover rates. Pay attention to how much time a cleaner takes to complete all of their tasks, and how much each area costs to clean. How much time and money is spent on training?


Keep a close eye on the sums spent monthly on labor, equipment, consumables, and other supplies. Regularly compare actual expenses to their allocated budgets.

Service quality

Perform regular quality audits to determine whether individual employees, teams, locations, departments, items, and equipment are optimally functional and whether improvements are necessary.

What is a KPI example

Where can I find purpose-built cleaning company booking software?

Setting the right Key Performance Indicators for your housekeeping business can take a lot of time and research. MaidCentral greatly facilitates this process by providing you with streamlined KPI functionalities that are purpose-built for the needs of the cleaning industry.

You’ll be able to easily set industry-specific targets and keep track of them. All this is done within a modern software suite that includes a vast range of other features that help you manage both the day-to-day tasks and the long-term planning aspects of your residential cleaning business.

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