Leading a successful cleaning company includes keeping track of customer satisfaction and making sure the feedback you receive is positive. However, there are different ways your clients can express their opinion and how satisfied they are with your service.

The ways you can track and manage these replies also vary, the most effective being through one of the best customer ratings and reviews software. While you may regard these two terms as equal, the differences between them do exist. Read on to find out more about what they are and why it’s important to understand them.

What is the difference between ratings and reviews?

The most obvious difference is definitely the appearance – ratings are expressed in stars, while a review includes text as well, but there are other more significant ones:


This term implies a way of evaluating a product or service, but it’s not always clear what exactly a client is satisfied or dissatisfied with:

  • It’s the main thing a potential customer sees when they land on your app page, website, or another platform, immediately drawing conclusions about the quality of your service. 
  • While a high rating implies your customers are satisfied, it doesn’t provide any insight beyond that. 


A written review, on the other hand, is a more precise evaluation that gives further information and reasons that support it:

  • It gives you a wider insight into how your customers feel about your service and if there’s anything they would like you to change about it. 
  • You can communicate with your customers by answering their questions and replying to their comments, but also gain new ideas for improvement.

Why are online ratings important to customers?

According to research, a large majority of consumers, about 93% of them, say that ratings have a big impact on their purchasing decisions. This kind of feedback makes them feel secure, knowing that people who have used the service before were satisfied enough to leave a high score.

For a potential customer, this means your company is successful and reliable and they can trust your services.

What is the difference between review and feedback?

While these two seem practically the same, there is a slight difference between them. Here’s how feedback is different from a review:


It shows how your customers feel about the purchasing experience or the overall experience they’ve had with your company. It usually doesn’t refer to the services you offer, but to the process that precedes and follows a purchase. This can be the communication between you and them and how reliable, flexible, and professional your company is.


A review says more about the service itself, and potential customers rely on it when deciding whether to book your company or not. It usually includes specific information about the service quality and other details regarding it. It can help you improve your methods and make them more efficient.

In case you get a negative review, it’s important that you kindly reply to it and try to find a solution. That way, your customers can see that you really care about them. 

Why are online ratings important to customers

Who makes the best customer ratings and reviews software for cleaning companies?

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