As a reliable business owner, you certainly strive to provide every client with the same high-quality level of service. However, at times things just don’t go as planned, and you get a negative online review. Truth is, it’s not as terrifying as it seems, and there are ways to successfully resolve this situation.

Opting for the best reputation management program is a great way to streamline the way you handle reviews, and understanding how to properly deal with negative feedback will help you stay on top of everything. Keep reading to learn how best to do it.

What do you do if you get a bad review online?

Don’t be too upset and take up a constructive approach. Once you read through the text, consider the best possible solution to the problem, and follow these steps:

Be quick

Negative reviews typically come from upset individuals who rushed to leave them online shortly after having experienced the negative situation. They’re also going to expect a prompt response, so make sure you do provide a reply as soon as possible.

Stay honest and thoughtful

Being transparent goes a long way, and most people prefer an honest response. What’s more, you need to appreciate all reviews, including negative ones, for their true value. Acknowledging a genuine mistake and appreciating the reviewer’s effort to communicate it to you will let them understand you’re addressing their complaint in a heartfelt and fair manner. 

Keep it appropriate

While some reviews occasionally do get nasty, don’t be tempted to stoop down to the same unprofessional level. Maintain the right attitude, think of your customer’s displeasures, and do offer an apology. Any other way of dealing with it would result in your business being viewed as unprofessional, which would do far more damage than good.

Take it offline

As soon as possible, take the communication with your unsatisfied customer offline. Get the client’s contact information, ask for the best time and way to communicate, and make an apology for their displeasure.

Go the extra mile

Depending on the individual problem and the impact it had on the customer, you can consider taking the extra step. Showing that you’re more than sorry, and that you care about earning the customer’s trust and making it right.

A smart step is to offer a gift that doesn’t have to be anything expensive, but more than just offering a discount. Flowers or a gift card, or anything creative you can think of would certainly make an impact.

Take action and show it

The best possible way to show that you do care and that customer’s satisfaction is your priority is to use what you’ve learned from the review and bring it to your employees who interact with customers and make decisions that impact them. As a result, your business will change for the better and prevent future reviews with similar problems. 

Go back to the review and explain what you have done and how the feedback affected your company in a positive way.

Who offers the best reputation management program for cleaning businesses?

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