With over a million cleaning businesses in the market today, it can seem challenging to claim your fair share of the market, especially with most of your leads already placing their trust in other providers. However, there’s more you can do than just put up a website and wait for leads to come. You also need to generate and convert them into clients. 

An intuitive software for residential cleaning companies can take the hassle out of this operation and help you dedicate your time to other aspects of your business. However, understanding how the process of lead conversion works is certainly beneficial. Keep reading to find out about it in detail.

How do you convert leads into clients?

While lead conversion may seem like a complicated and extensive process, learning more about its elements will give you a clear insight into how it works and what you need to focus on. Take a look at these 4 ways to turn leads into customers:

Real photos

Building trust with potential customers matters a lot, and using real photos on your website makes a difference. You certainly want to showcase professional-looking shots and there are a lot of great stock photographs to choose from. However, chances are that another local business opted for the very same snaps as you have, and in the customer’s eyes, it makes you look like everyone else. In fact, it does seem like many of the same templates, stock photos, icons, and even copy are widely used.

While there is something to be said about tried and true conversion strategies, don’t go that route without making your website look and feel like your brand, your unique values and selling proposition are important. 

Letting complete strangers into your home can be stressful for homeowners, especially if they’re hiring for the first time, and using pictures of your own employees doing their job helps potential customers put more trust in your organization. Some stock photos are ok, but focus on people, not places. The benefit you provide goes beyond just cleaning the home, it is in the hours of time saved, and what your customers can do with that time instead. 

Positive reviews 

Highlighting positive reviews is another way to display your dedication and customer care, but no company will put negative reviews on their web page. That’s why people usually look for them in other places, and accumulating yours on platforms such as Google My Business will help your company get more exposure. 

Normally, Google will rank your business better on its listings if it has more reviews and a higher rating, resulting in more phone calls and free traffic. MaidCentral has built in scorecards so that you can easily review your client satisfaction and employee efficiency. When you have the data and know you’re doing a great job, you can confidently ask your customers for online reviews. 

Case studies 

A case study is an advanced form of review that provides more information and goes into detail. It typically starts by covering the background of a previous customer and the issue they were facing before hiring you.

Property managers for example would love to see that other companies are using your services, and that you have a proven process and are easy to work with. You can highlight your technology, companies on MaidCentral can highlight their customer portal that allows them to manage their account, see invoices, rate cleaning teams, and even make service requests at their properties. 

Case studies allow potential customers to relate to these experiences, and how you have solved problems for them, and thus building trust and credibility. Potential customers want to know that you have a proven track record and can jump in and help them. They want to know that you have systems in place to deliver on your process. 

Good Copy

Cleaning businesses typically focus on displaying the features they offer by creating lists of all the tasks they include in their service. However, the content of these lists barely differs from one company to another. Of course, the features are important, but what matters even more are the benefits they bring to your clients. This is where good copy comes into play. Some benefits you can showcase include stress reduction, time saving, and peace of mind. And you can highlight how you deliver these things as additional proof.

You reduce stress by getting things right the first time. MaidCentral for instance allows you to put individual preferences on a customer’s account. When you are not meeting those requirements, MaidCentral will warn you of the mistake. The same thing happens if you move a customer’s cleaning off of the time that you promised in your reminder email. You could use this in your marketing piece to show how your company has invested in technology to make the process stress free, and that you have the tools to deliver on your promises. 

Who offers the best software for residential cleaning companies

Who offers the best software for residential cleaning companies?

MaidCentral has developed a unique software to help you run your cleaning business smoothly by putting a number of repetitive processes on autopilot and making sure you regularly get new clients and successfully retain the existing ones

You’ll have an all in one, advanced ERP solution where you can manage job worksheets, employee time clocks, and customer engagement, as well as schedule jobs. Reach out to us if you’d like to streamline your day-to-day tasks and dedicate more time to your business. Schedule a demo today!

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