With the ever-growing number of cleaning companies, making yours stand out has become increasingly more difficult. While the quality of your service remains as an inevitable part of a successful business, providing outstanding customer service is another factor that’s equally important.

Fortunately, with our unique software for cleaning services, you can put a lot of tasks on autopilot, including those regarding customer care, and dedicate your time to the essential qualities that make a perfect client service. Keep reading to find more.

What are 3 important qualities of customer service?

Customer service is a term that implies quite a range of different factors. However, knowing what to focus on can make all the difference. So, here are the top 3 qualities you should focus on when it comes to exceptional customer service:

Good communication

Streamlined communication is essential for obtaining excellent results and giving your clients peace of mind. It’s the only way to make sure they receive exactly what they want and to ensure you’ve met their expectations.

However, it’s necessary that the ease of communication exists on all levels throughout your company’s system, from online booking, to technicians arriving at the home, and clients providing feedback on the service they received. 

This is why you need to offer various means of communication such as the traditional phone calls, emails, online forms, and even customer portals. Moreover, any agreement or contract should clearly state the available communication options. This way, your clients will have a sense of security and feel free to reach out to you.

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Top-of-the-line equipment

Using high-quality tools and supplies and keeping up to date with the latest advancements will not only look professional, but also render excellent results. However, you should keep in mind that your equipment also requires proper maintenance in order to be efficient. 

Apart from the quality of your equipment, what also matters is safety. Ensure that your technicians properly use tools and supplies to avoid any surface damage, and always try to prioritize green cleaning methods and products. This is especially important for residential cleaning and homes with children and pets. 

 A company that’s the industry leader will go out of their way to comply with safety regulations and a variety of standards such as HEPA filtration and utilize only EPA-approved products.  


The service you provide must be consistently good, with little to no fluctuations in quality. This way, you’ll ensure the client’s expectations are consistently fulfilled. One way to ensure this is to have a good staff training program in place, distinguishing between initial and continuous training. 

Additionally, you’ll have a clear overview of your performance by implementing crucial documentation such as a clearly outlined contract, checklists, and different forms of client input

Another important point is punctuality. Once you determine the arrival times that fit your client’s schedule, it’s essential that you strictly adhere to them. 

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What is the best software for cleaning services? 

Growing your business, focusing your efforts on leads conversion, and doing your best to retain your existing customers are inevitable parts of running a successful cleaning company. However, utilizing a comprehensive software, like MaidCentral takes your business to the next level. With numerous automations, ease of scheduling & dispatching, and robust  reporting, MaidCentral gives you everything you need to deliver the best customer service and keep customers for life. Schedule a free one-on-one personalized demo today! www.maidcentral.com/demo

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MaidCentral Software

MaidCentral is a comprehensive software solution built specifically to help cleaning businesses streamline their operations, boost revenue, and substantially elevate the trajectory of their business. Our comprehensive, cloud-based platform is used by hundreds of cleaning companies across the country. MaidCentral was developed by cleaning business owners for cleaning business owners. No other cleaning software is this powerful.